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Why Out-Sourcing Your Business Work Can Pay To Save

Why Out-Sourcing Your Business Work Can Pay To Save

Some small businesses can handle the workflow of a normal working day and if there is only a small team of brainboxes behind the success of the small business; and they fall behind or are always playing catch up, then they may find that they may need outside help to take on extra, catch up or move onto new projects; which doesn’t justify employing another employee. Once a company stops struggling to manage day-to-day chores with doing business, they then focus on ways to tackle things efficiently or cut expenses in this challenging economy.

It may not be an attractive feature to include in your small business, but outsourcing parts of your companies projects or administrative roles can be a lot more beneficial, especially to small businesses who are new to their industry. While it may be the prerogative and attentive focus of the companies CEO to concentrate only on core business activities. For many businesses, the primary motivation to outsource is that it comes with the priceless advantage that it frees owners, managers and employees time to spend on business-related profits generating.

There are so many valid reasons for why one would consider outsourcing company workflow to a contractor or third party, and sometimes it may not be seen as that beneficial and that you may think it is best that you do any or all of the business work yourself, because you may think that you know how exactly your small business runs, but here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should consider it.

Outsourcing can vastly improve opportunities for growth. This can be by giving frequent opportunities for a company to focus on a desire to expand new business projects or operations that already exist, dependant on resources to make it happen; whether they are lacking or not.

Depending on what departmental workflow you want to outsource can depend on any results such as increases efficiency, effectiveness and working environment fluidity. In many cases, outsourcing can allow different perceptions and minds to collaborate and otherwise get access to other expert talents.

Outsource service firms can offer leading innovative approaches and opinions, the latest technology, not to mention current laws, legislation and cutting-edge solutions that otherwise aren’t available in house for small businesses.

A skilled contractor or firm can generally perform work less expensively than a full-time employee can. The costs of hiring, training, and maintaining employees are potentially eliminated but also so are taxes and benefits. Most company boards and bosses wouldn’t solely be looking for cuts in this instance and are more inclined to learn themselves.

Here’s what you can do to be outsourcing like the ‘pro’s’.

General Administrative Tasks

This covers a wide array of different ‘office roles’ that administrators would generally keep on top off. Such as scheduling appointments, travel arrangements, some data entry including draughting and typing letters; and many other administrative tasks that can usually be handled by a remote and virtual assistant or other forms of network administrative services. While these tasks are crucial to the proper functioning of any business, they are not usually considered core business activities.

Lead Creation And Customer Service 

Sometimes, sales calls often become a matter of numbers; more calls equal more potential sales and leads. Once the initial outreach has been made; which would be from the outsourcing, closing the sale can then be handled by the internal businesses sales force.  Utilizing a talented salesperson’s skills to close sales and handle clients, rather than make your business making cold calls. Some businesses find that this is an efficient way to outsource some customer support than it is to maintain a qualified support staff; especially for those in product-based companies.

Accounting And Other Financial Work ‘To-Be-Done’ 

There are firms and individuals that exist solely to help other businesses with many financial services, including but not limited to, bookkeeping, invoicing and accounts payable and/or receivable, as well as financial forecast reporting and analysing and planning. Outsourcing payroll and other financial processing alone can save considerable working hours, headaches and business funds. Many contractor accountants will bundle these tasks together for even greater savings.

Also, unless the company is a larger middle-market business, it may not be needed for a full-time chief financial officer. Larger businesses do consider outsourcing all of their accounting and finance departments and work, which would include using a part-time or fractional CFO who would then spend so many hours or how many you require to be your company’s finance executive. There are hundreds of many highly qualified finance and ‘back office’ companies like this in the market. To think that cost savings can be significant, and time savings for management to primarily focus on growth and investments can be invaluable.


Having the most effective marketing will determine how both, the brand and companies’ reputation is perceived in the marketplace. A third party marketing consultant can often provide an outside perspective and experienced opinion to the industry that some internal marketing staff cannot. From digital expertise like brand and logo design, website building and hosting, having a specialist that is contracted to your business, can sometimes give a business that firm grasp around the concepts and personal touch to what makes their business unique.

IT And Web Operations 

More and more businesses are cutting costs internally with how it deals with paper waste and recycling. But in contrast, it can be extremely expensive to handle ICT-dependent jobs. The average business has limited ability and knowledge to manage all of its Computing and networking needs. Unless you’re an ICT specialist company, ICT is then considered a maintenance and repair cost – not one of the core business activities. Costs can include the businesses having to fund: Computer hardware, computer software, laser photo-copier printers, and toner, cell phones, PDAs, website and intranet development and maintenance, high-speed business internet access, servers and racks, security measures and any ICT consulting. The potential advantages of outsourcing business IT tasks are enormous.

Human Resources

Managers are usually in charge of employee acquisitions and upon successful enrollment, then to be filed through the human resource department; this can easily be administered by a reputable agency. Many agencies are more skilled at advertising, screening the most suitable applicants and checking any references. The average application can receive 300 applications if advertised well. Agencies who thrive to provide the best workers can save you an enormous amount of resources and time, they are also providing quality through staying up to date on the latest employment laws and standards.

Do you run a business and outsource some internal work to benefit in some way? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lisa Ventura (AKA ‘Cyber Geek Girl’) is a Content Marketer, PR, Digital and Cyber Security professional, and is an active blogger and influencer.



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