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Collaborative Posts

I am always happy to consider including collaborative posts on “Cyber Geek Girl” in a variety of ways. The main way that I include collaborative posts is through partnerships with digital marketing, PR and blogging outreach agencies.

However, if you have an idea for a collaborative post that you would like me to share on “Cyber Geek Girl”, please email me via with your post idea.

Every collaborative post/article that I include on “Cyber Geek Girl” will include the following graphic at the end of each post:

This will differentiate from posts that I have created myself.

I am happy to consider any collaborative posts for “Cyber Geek Girl” but they must fit in with the subjects and topics that I write about. You can see a list of these on the right-hand side of the “Cyber Geek Girl” homepage.

All collaborative posts will be shared across my social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, and links to them will also be included in my monthly newsletter.

Charges for including collaborative posts on “Cyber Geek Girl” from agencies are available upon request.

If you are a digital marketing, PR or blogging outreach agency or have blog posts you would like me to share on “Cyber Geek Girl” and would like to discuss a collaboration partnership with me, please email

About Me

Lisa Ventura (AKA ‘Cyber Geek Girl’) is an award-winning Cyber Security Awareness Consultant, CEO & Founder of the UK Cyber Security Association, a published author and blogger/thought leader in cyber security.



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