You have a neat website, with all the information you need to include, the issue is you work from home and legal you need an address on newsletters. If you aren’t comfortable with having your home address on the mailouts, then head to and set up a lux looking address without the cost. All your mail will get forwarded to you, it has instant activations, signs for packages and has a meeting room you can use should you wish to.

Buy one or two suits or business casual outfits specifically for client meetings. Think about the vibe that you’d like to convey. Head over to Pinterest to check out some capsule wardrobes and pick a few things to invest in. What you choose doesn’t have to break the bank, no one is going to check your labels as you arrive at a meeting, it is all about the overall look. Looking up marketing and stylish on a budget isn’t difficult with a little bit of preparation.

Work out a quick and easy to apply makeup routine. Make-up has this magic ability to make us feel ready to take on pretty much anything. If you don’t have a bit kit, don’t worry. Head to a high-end makeup counter, ask for a light daytime look. Feel free to buy anything that you like here, but, after you’ve had your consultation, head to a highstreet brand stand like Makeup Revolution, MUA or Sleek and spend some time colour matching. The high end looks on a high street budget. Simple!

A small but necessary one – purchase your own domain name. Have a matching email address, and social media handles too.

If you are using any images on your content, and haven’t discovered free stock photos yet, head over to Unsplash, Pixabay, or Pexels and stock up on stock photos that match the aesthetic you are aiming to show across all of your social media and website.

You might not be a designer, but with many business card companies, you don’t have to be. You can pick up something that will make your cards look sleek and professional. If you do want something more personal to you (and who wouldn’t?), then think about commissioning a design on Fivver, Upwork, or People Per Hour.

Much like having a dedicated mailing address, it might be worth thinking about setting up a dedicated business number. Rather than having your mobile number everywhere, setting up something like a Google Voice number is not only free but gives you a separate number, online storage for voicemails and you can forward the calls to your mobile.

Of course, when it comes down to it, these are all on the surface, to truly look professional, you must be providing professional services and a high standard of work too.

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Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash