May The Fourth Be With You everyone! If you are as huge a fan of Star Wars as I am you will be celebrating the franchise as today is “Star Wars Day”, also known as “May The Fourth Be With You” day. Today is the day to stretch out with your feelings celebrate all things Star Wars and pay homage to the most successful film franchise of all time. 

I managed to get a reference to “Star Wars Day” in an article I wrote for Corinium’s CxO Hangouts – “By Using Sentiment Analysis More Informed Your Organization Will Be: Lessons From Star Wars”.  This article focuses on how Lucasfilm and Disney utilized sentiment analysis to not only find out what people think of the new films, but also what they feel about them.

I also wrote an article over a year ago about the then upcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as I was so excited about it! I love everything and anything to do with Star Wars and although I was a bit disappointed with the plot of the film, it was still a great film.

But the best reference to Star Wars I have seen on social media today comes courtesy of Heathrow Airport, where they changed one of their departure boards to join in with the day:




















Well done Heathrow Airport, this made my day!

May The Fourth Be With You all…and happy Star Wars day!