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Guest Post: 6 Ways You Can Help Make the World a Better Place for Animals

Guest Post: 6 Ways You Can Help Make the World a Better Place for Animals

I’m delighted to welcome guest blogger Jenny Perkins, who is the Founder of I hope there will be more of these great articles to come from her on Cyber Geek Girl!

The love of an animal is the most selfless and unconditional form of devotion. These creatures impact our lives in multiple ways and bring us immeasurable happiness and pleasure. Who would be able to imagine that these innocent creatures can be subjected to abuse? Well, unfortunately, animal abuse is one of the ugly and most horrific realities of the society, the statistics and facts will leave you shocked. But the cruelties that humans subject these animals to don’t end here. However, amidst all the cruelties it is possible for us to bring about change and promote a safe and happy environment for these animals. Here are six easy ways we can play our role in making the world a better place for our animal counterparts

Volunteer at a Shelter

The organizations working around us to help abandoned pets and distressed strays could use some extra hands. If there is any shelter in your community, do call or visit them and help in any way you can whether it is feeding the large-breeds and the pups, taking them for walks, or whatever jobs the shelters need assistance with.

Promote Cruelty-free Products

Animal testing is among the most inhumane practices and in spite of various steps taken to end the cruelty, it persists even in 2018. The animals that are subjected to these tests are kept in terrible conditions, confined in tiny cages. Some are wounded, others lose their senses & abilities, and many of these die. It is therefore imperative to take a stand against animal testing by buying and promoting only products that are cruelty-free to save these poor creatures from the torture.

Adopt don’t Shop

There are various abandoned pets, mixed-breeds in shelters across the U.S. that are in dire need of permanent homes. By adopting these animals, you will provide them a second chance at life. Furthermore, if the shelters have space and resources available, they will be able to cater to other animals in need. So instead of paying hundreds of dollars to breeders, let’s open our doors to these homeless animals.

Preserve and Restore Animal Habitats

Various species are endangered and on the verge of extinction today due to the loss of their habitat. Many activities that we practice in our daily lives act as a threat to these animals such as the use of harmful pesticides, plastic bags and discarded glass bottles to name a few. As responsible human beings, we must try to adopt healthy habits to protect these creatures. Since migration season is approaching, let’s vow to facilitate wild birds and take steps to protect their natural habitats. You can also volunteer with wildlife protection organizations to help save endangered species and raise awareness regarding stopping the loss of biodiversity.

Raise Your Voice for Animal Welfare Initiatives

Advocate and spread awareness about animal rights as much as you can. Involve yourself in welfare activities, the best way to stay updated on various campaigns is to follow the PETA website or download the application. You can also download their Practical Guide to Animal Rights to learn how to speak up against animal abuse in your everyday life. Of course, activism isn’t easy, but you need to take the first step by outreaching among your family, friends, and community. Join hands with organizations such as the Humane Society and support initiatives & local ordinances for the betterment of animals.

Help the Strays in Your Area

You may spot stray animals in your surroundings; some of these may even be injured or suffering trauma. Such animals are in need of immediate assistance, and you will not be able to act effectively without proper training. The best way to prepare yourself is to participate in animal rescue training such as those offered by the Humane Society. Another way to help the feral cats and dogs in your area is to get them neutered or spayed. You can choose to feed the pup or cat and provide shelter or contact the local shelters to inquire if they have space available.

In a nutshell, the world requires kindness; let’s vouch for being kind to our animal counterparts and playing our role in making the world a better place for them.

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