Businesses are noticed online because of their websites. This is not by accident. It is because of creative branding and various digital marketing tools that are used to make this happen. Companies such as London web design will assist businesses in making their website the best it can be visually and practically. This article will explore the kinds of techniques that are employed.


Websites should look pleasing to the eye. This will encourage users to click on links and enter the website further. Homepages should be a case of once seen never forgotten. The colours are important because they should complement or be a part of the colours already used for the company’s brand or logo.

Colour blindness is something that web designers will need to take into account. It affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. This is worldwide, so the numbers are significant globally. The condition means that this proportion of the population finds it hard to tell the difference between certain colours. This is mostly a red/green colour blindness, so these colours should, ideally, not be used in combination unless already part of a company’s branding.

A visually appealing website will have a simple layout, be easy to navigate, and stick to the principle that with content less is more. Do not bombard the eyes of the viewer by making things too busy. Easy-to-read fonts are better than fancy ones that are used for effect but that nobody can read properly. An important branding message can be lost in those kinds of fonts. Also, think white space. There is nothing wrong with it, especially when it makes a layout look less cluttered. Not that you have to worry about any of this when you have a web designer on board. It is the best way to avoid making mistakes with a website. These are more important with a business because they can mean the difference between generating sales or struggling with that online.


Nothing has to remain still on a website and look like it has not moved in ages. An interactive video can be used instead of text, a still photograph, or a video that just plays over and over and does little else. Interactive videos will mean that website users can control the action through their clicks. This means that they can find out for themselves what is important to them about a product.

Sales will undoubtedly increase with an interactive video that allows users to go to checkout while it is still playing, as you have them in the heat of the moment. Once you have someone’s attention, the trick is to keep it for long enough while that all-important sale is made. A link to leave feedback can also be included. This is invaluable for a company to see if they are doing anything wrong. This can be about how well their website works or about the quality of the products that they are trying to sell.


Many web design companies will offer other services concerning the website that has been created. A business will need computer assistance in lots of ways to make their website work for them in achieving increased branding exposure and company growth.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from iTonic or a similar marketing agency in your local area relates to organic searching, whereas PPC (Pay Per Click) is chargeable per advert clicked on. Both will mean that a website has more visibility due to appearing at the top of a search list. Internet buyers will rarely search through more than two or three pages. With SEO or PPC, you can be virtually at the top, if not at the top, of search lists, from the use of keywords entered that are relevant to the company and its related products.

The web is full of design tips for websites but there is no substitute for hiring a professional website designer who will take everything into account and make a website fit a particular company’s requirements.

In conclusion, web design is about a business increasing its visibility within a very competitive global online world. The first consideration is to produce a website that will be given more than just a first glance, and the second is to keep that website in a position to be found. The use of well-chosen imagery and interactivity will help with making a website memorable. It should be noted that with a website, although first impressions count, lasting impressions count even more.