When clients or investors come to your office HQ, you must treat them like you would if they were your guests at home. Be polite, welcoming and make them feel at ease. They just like you, got up and got dressed to impress, you’re both in the same boat but just at opposite ends. Don’t take it personally, but not everyone is going to be won over by your pitch or meeting. They might get more persuaded by the environment that you introduce them to. Even if your pitch is excellent, they are still entitled to be reserved and not fully trust you yet. Actions speak louder than words which is why how you leave them is going to matter just as much as your first impression. Having clients over to meet you at your office is a very serious occurrence in the business world. Your HQ reflects your ideals and your aims. It’s no surprise to anyone that Apple and Google spend millions and millions of dollars building their headquarters. They want to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

Something to consume

It’s very common for clients to wait when they arrive at your office to be let through and have the meeting they came for. No doubt you’re very busy and you’re dealing with all kinds of meetings so you might run behind a little. Having something to consume about your business in the way of a brochure or pamphlet passes the time and informs them a bit more about your products and services. Using something like Infinity Cards you can design a brochure or explain a unique process that you use to make your products. This kind of small informative marketing technique can have a lasting impression on a client. They might have one of their questions answered before they walk through your office door just by reading it.

A personal goodbye

When the meeting is over, do not just shake hands and send them away at your front door. Make it more informal by walking down to the front entrance with them. Keep the chat light and if you can, not about your working relationship either. They will remember this because it shows them you want to get closer and form a bond.

Visits to any business HQ are quite important. You’re meeting a client in your castle where you fly the flag high. Leaving a lasting impression on them matters a lot and can be done outside the meeting room just as much as inside it.