In its early years, facial recognition technology was seen as little more than a novelty rather than a viable security tool. It was pleasingly futuristic and showed a great scope for development, but it wasn’t something that had many applications – in some ways, the tech existed before anyone quite knew what to do with it.

However, times have changed, and it’s fair to say that this incredible feature is now one of the most important, and reliable, security methods available. The growth of facial recognition software has led to thousands of different applications, which has created an environment that allows entrepreneurs to integrate it into their overall processes. Below, we’ve put together just a handful of the modern applications for facial recognition technology, all of which offer genuine benefits to any business.


The most obvious use of facial recognition is, of course, security. Businesses are using facial recognition to identify those who may have a criminal record, while sports stadiums have found that facial recognition technology can be used to help ensure they can enforce stadium bans.

In addition to being used to keep certain individuals away from a company, facial recognition technology is also being used more inclusively – banks, for example, are using the software to help speed up login times for banking app users.

Anti-money laundering

Anti-money laundering (which is commonly abbreviated to AML) has long been a requirement of businesses, and a failure to comply with relevant legislation can have severe consequences for a business. However, face recognition technology has been harnessed by companies that process AML checks, which has helped to improve both the speed and reliability of this essential security requirement.

Customer experience

Many companies have embraced facial recognition software as a tool for improving the customer experience, and particularly in terms of creating a welcoming environment. High-end hotels, for example, are now using facial recognition to ensure they can always greet their guests by name, which definitely adds something unique to the experience.

Identification of troublesome customers

There are a couple of different ways that facial recognition software is helping businesses to identify problematic customers:

  • Casinos and similar gambling establishments are using facial recognition software to identify people who they believe may be cheating, as well as to provide assistance to people they suspect may have a gambling addiction.
  • For bars and restaurants where alcohol is served, facial recognition is being used to identify those who may be underage. Given that establishments that serve underage drinkers can be handed severe penalties, this advancement is undoubtedly appreciated.

In conclusion

While facial recognition technology may have once been seen as a bit of futuristic fun, there is no doubt it has found its place and is now used for a wide variety of different purposes by business owners. If you have yet to make use of the advancements offered by this incredible software in your business, it may well be worth considering the options above and seeing which you may want to integrate in future.

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