It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or what season you are in, if you run an office full of people then you need to make that office comfortable. Temperatures drop every autumn and winter, but depending on where you live they can also be temperamental the rest of the year, too. Which means that you have to anticipate having to heat your office all year round if necessary. As the temperatures do dip, it’s very common for utility bills at work to go up. You’ll notice that the prices that you’re paying for your energy are going to shoot up when there are more people in the office, and even when you leave the lights on overnight. How do you help those costs?

Energy price rises aren’t just hitting homeowners and renters right now. They’re hitting businesses – hard. You could have switched from gas and electric to double skinned oil tanks, and you still might find your prices up further than you’d like them to be. As the heating bill prices can be very unpredictable at work, it makes it tricky but important for you to save as much as you can. We’ve put together five simple ways that you can save money on your office heating bill, and some of these are easier than others.

  1. The thermostat. It will always be a contentious issue with some in the office, but you need to turn down the thermostat. It’s one of the easiest ways that you can save on your heating costs at work, and even though there will be some who run colder than others and insist on turning the heat up, keeping your thermostat at a consistent level is the smartest thing that you can do. You could even invest in a smart thermostat that learns the patterns and behaviours of your office. This will then adjust the heat as needed.
  2. The renewables. As a business, you have a responsibility to do well for the environment as well as doing well for the world. If you ensure that you are working your business in a way that is green, you’re going to be able to use renewable energy to help your business to save costs. Solar handles electricity output, so you can always use solar as a way to power your business and heat it. 
  3. The upgrade. You can save a lot of money on your heating when you upgrade your work equipment. From the furnace downstairs to the computers that you use, you can find energy-efficient options that use a lot less energy, which will work to enhance your space. You don’t want systems that are low in efficiency, you need to get the right equipment with high efficiency and with energy efficiency at the same time.
  4. The leaks. When was the last time you checked your office for air leaks? From gaps around the doors to gaps around the windows, you need to make sure that you’re not heating a space that is leaking all of the hot air back out of the office. It is an incredibly important part of making sure that your office isn’t leaking your money into the air, so think about calling in a professional and asking them to check for any air leaks around the business. They’ll perform a variety of tests to make sure that the hot air is staying inside and not outside, and you might also want to think about how you can insulate and seal your office against a cold outside.
  5. Switch to a smaller office. This May seem extreme, but if you are heating a large office for a group of people, but you’ll be better off with a small office space to heat, then make the switch. You have to remember that you need to be able to afford for your business to continue. If you have an office that’s too big – for reasons that it is more impressive – then downsizing is the most impressive thing that you can do because your business will be able to continue.

You have to look at every avenue you can to be able to save some money on your office heating. You want to balance between affording the heating bills, and making your employees and yourself and your clients more comfortable. It’s important that you know where to start and hopefully these steps can help you get there first. Speak to your accountant about your current budget and shop around for better heating, you might need it this year with the costs going up.