If you ask a friend who likes to keep plants why they keep plants, you might receive a vague answer of “it’s good”. It’s hard to put into words why taking care of plants can be a therapeutic activity- and there’s no denying it is. But to better contextualize it, here’s a couple of reasons how incorporating plants into your home is beneficial.

Reduce the Amount of Noise.

Plants also help to reduce noise pollution, which is one of its lesser-known advantages. This is because its parts like the leaves, branches, stems, wood, and other elements of the plant can absorb sound waves. Hedges in the yard for houses with passing automobiles are a fantastic display of how plants can minimize noise. This approach may be applied to the inside as well. So if you’re having a problem with noise pollution at home, consider using houseplants to control that.

Decreases Your Stress Levels.

Remember that having plants at home also means taking care of them. And before you opt-out for fear of overwhelming responsibilities, taking care of plants helps in reducing stress levels. You have something to focus on and pour your energies into, and the sense of accomplishment you can get from it is strong enough that it can decrease your stress levels. This is perhaps a reason for thesudden popularity of indoor plants: everyone’s stressed, and plants help reduce that.

Improve Your Concentration and Creativity.

As we spend a lot of time in front of the screen for hours on end, we need time off to give our eyes a much-needed rest. Research says the colors green and blue can help our eyes relax and recover from eye strain. This is why having some greenery can provide immediate relief to your tired, monitor-staring eyes.

Improves Overall Health.

When you have a plant, you have to remember to take care of it, or else it will wither away. Dried and dead plants will serve as a wake-up call that you are no longer living life healthily. You could be too busy that you neglect your plants, or your sleep pattern might be too sporadic that you use blackout curtains to sleep in the daytime, preventing your plant from absorbing its much-needed sunlight (that you need yourself too!) Take care of your plants well, and it will create a domino effect that will help you live better too.

Makes Your House Look 10x Better

A facade with a landscape that’s done by a professionallandscaping contractorwill immediately stand out and look significantly more beautiful and elegant. Many would agree that plants increase the curb appeal of our property, so that’s one reason to get plants if you don’t care for their health benefits. When choosing plants, make sure to get different sized ones, as the scale of size will make it stand out even more.

Large and leafy plants have become popular in the past year, but remember that they are not the only plants you can take care of. There is bonsai or the Japanese art of arranging plants, that can be a very unique and oriental display for your garden. There are also orchids, roses, succulents, even herbs that you can grow at home to make it look livelier and vibrant.

Improves Your Emotions

A house filled with plants and greens is usually happier and more cheerful than those without. Its occupants are usually less stressed and fatigued- why?Science has the answer:having something green and restorative to look at helps you remove stress, and keeps your dopamine levels high. It can also help manage your attention issues better as it can act as a deterrent to over-stimulation and similar experiences. It also boosts your mood and increases cognitive performance.

Makes Your Room Feel Softer

Whether your home is modern or a bit aged, many home designs tend to be rigid, full of harsh corners and heavy furniture. Picture a living room with a leather couch and glass top coffee table, with metal pole lamps and a neutral-colored theme. It can be relaxing and easy on the eyes, but neutral can become dull quite fast if you live in it every day.

This is where plants bring life into your space. The asymmetrical sprouting of leaves, breeds of varying tones, and the unique ways plants can be displayed can break the monotony of many home designs. Plants not only act as an accent piece but also as a way to introduce softness in a room.

Plants are essential not only for your outdoor space but also for your interior. It is something that will make us all feel revitalized. So think about incorporating plants into your home design- you w