Having a business is a very time-consuming and stressful task sometimes. There is always so much to do and when we look to start a new year we set goals of things we want to achieve in that year for our business. These are normally things like having X amount of income, growing our social platforms by 1000 followers and all different types of colours. Here are some great ideas of things you can try to achieve this year feel business to not only help it grow but to also run more smoothly, be more efficient and also be healthier for you and your employees. 

It’s Time To Go Green

The climate crisis and general population are all working towards living a greener and sustainable life. In everyday life, people have shorter showers, reduce their plastic and even reduce how much meat they eat as it’s better for the planet. It is also vital that businesses contribute to a commitment to living more green as well. As businesses have a lot of people, use a lot of resources and can make a big impact on the environmental problems people are on the lookout now for how businesses are starting to make changes and are looking to support the businesses and be loyal to the ones are helping protect the planet. So, there are different things that you can do to help your business become greener by reducing the amount of paper used. Before you send a letter or use something for a meeting could this be done electronically? Can you send it by email or could you put it on a PowerPoint so you’re not having to use paper? If you sell certain products you could look to plant a tree for every product sold. There are companies that do this for you and track how many trees are planted which is a good way to use on your social platforms to evidence how you’re helping the planet. It’s also important to promote this in the company as well so you could get company logoed reusable bottles so people are using that for their water, I make sure there are mugs available in the cupboards so people aren’t using the paper cups and they’re using mugs which are better for the environment. 

Think About The Health Of The Staff 

The pandemic has certainly had people worried and a lot of steps have been put in place to make sure that workplaces are safe for the public. It is important to keep on top of things and make sure that things are clean and hygienic all the time. You could do this by installing hand sanitiser stations throughout the office, making sure that the premises are regularly cleaned and also looking after things like your air quality and air-conditioning units. So if you feel like they are not working as well as they could do you can look at Clean Air UK which can help assist you in making it healthier and cleaner.