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CEH training- The Perks of being a Certified Ethical Hacker

CEH training- The Perks of being a Certified Ethical Hacker

Everyone loves the designation of a hacker or being called a hacker. Sounds cool right? Certified Ethical Hacker is the designation that you get when you have qualified by demonstrating your knowledge in accessing the computer systems and its security. So, you have now probably got the answer to the question of how you can be an ethical hacker. Let us move on to the course.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Just combine the two terms and the answer will be clear to you. Hacking as you all know is stealing of the data from various networks. It is simply indexing the weakness in the systems and accessing it and stealing or manipulating the data. Ethical hacking is simply testing the security of the systems and identifying which ones and how are they vulnerable to hacking and providing solutions to prevent the data going to the wrong hands. And being one ethical hacker, you should have some ethics as well. You shouldn’t be sharing the weakness of the system that you evaluate to anyone accept the owner of the organization.

The pros of being an ethical hacking are simply that you can detect the vulnerabilities in any systems, be it your own or your friends, etc. And about the jobs and the high pay you would get, it has been discussed in the later part. Remember, to prevent people from manipulating with data, you should be the best manipulator. And hacking is cool right?

The Course

Certified Ethical Hacking course will give a basic idea about in what all ways can your data be stolen or misused by the hackers. You would master the same techniques and procedures that the hackers use to access your data.You would be coming across some new terms like Hack Value, Vulnerability, Payload, Exploit, etc. You will be enlightened on various topics including network security, mobile app security and you would be having a better idea about various types of trojans and the techniques that skilled hackers use to access your data.

After CEH training, you will be in a good position to grasp the tactics used by hackers to penetrate your network and will know how to counter it. You will have an expertise in concepts such as smart phone hacking, and have a pretty good knowhow on the virus codes, how they are written, concepts such as corporate espionage and reverse engineering.

Why do I need CEH training?

Why CEH Certification is important for an IT organisation?

Don’t be surprised if I tell you that a recent study conducted by KPMG showed that around 94% of the companies right now perceives cyber crime as the major threat to their business. The same study showed that around 72% of companies experienced some kind of cyber attacks in the past. As a result, CEH is one area where you can market yourselves as the saviour of these companies from the cyber threats.

Real World Security Skills

Companies now are looking forward for network security officers, site administrators, IT specialists, IT security specialists, network specialists, auditors and managers, senior systems engineers, systems analysts, etc. All the mentioned jobs are in your hands once you have completed you CEH training.

With the certification in your hands, you can show the companies that they can trust you with their systems and that their data is always protected.

Skills Expected from You

To become a Certified Ethical Hacker, one must possess familiarity with tools like NMAP, have a good knowledge of penetration testing, an expertise in Footprinting (a technique used to gather information about the computer systems) and hacking methodologies, network scanning, cryptography and encryption.

Many departments in the world have made CEH certification a must qualification to the systems security related jobs. The jobs that you are expected to do as their security specialist is saving the company data from cyber theft, which means saving the data from enormous number of uninvited guests trying to mess up with it. And, the companies wouldn’t take the risk of employing someone without expertise and without a CEH certification.

Well, not impressed by whatever is mentioned till now? Then just take a look at the salary that the companies would provide you for the job. It would be around $71,000 to $109,000 per annum. Hold your breath a little longer, this salary is around 80% higher than the average salaries of other job postings. So, get your CEH training, complete the course, show your skills and secure the systems.

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