Blogging is such a massive industry today. The world of online blogs has moved on a long way since we all had Myspace pages and MSN messenger. Some bloggers, still just use their blogs as an online journal and a way to make new friends. But, others want to turn their blogs into something more. They want their blogs to grow, to gain followers, to make money and to become well known. They want to use them to share their knowledge of their niche with the world, to help other people and to become known as an authority in the field. They want to be respected, trusted and looked up to. But, to do this, they need their blogs to grow.

When it comes to growing a blog, it takes time. Many people even find that years down the line, after years of growth and development, suddenly things stop. Their viewers and subscribers don’t fall, but they stop growing. Their social media feeds receive less engagement, and their numbers hit a standstill. When this happens, sometimes, you need to go a back to basics.


SEO is a huge part of how well your blog does online. Without great SEO, you won’t get viewers from search engines. Without these viewers, you can’t grow. You’ll be relying on social media, which takes a lot of time and work. But, unfortunately, we get complacent. When we start blogging, we know nothing about SEO, and we just write. Then, we learn, and we spend time perfecting every post. But, as time goes on, we get complacent, and our standards start to slide. If you want your views to pick up, you need to perfect your SEO. Go back over old posts and make sure you’ve been doing everything right.

Site Speed

Your site speed is another essential. Internet users nowadays expect pages to load instantly. If they don’t, they click away. Yet, many bloggers don’t even take the time to run an internet speed test to find out what theirs is. If your speed isn’t great, find ways to improve it.


Have you ever noticed that big brands change their logos, taglines and colour schemes occasionally? This is because things change. Customers look for different things, and trends change over time. If you haven’t changed your branding since the start, your branding might look tired and dated.


When we become more well known, and our followers rise, we often give them less of our time. When we start out, we reply to every comment, we chat with people on social media, we share other bloggers work, and we really take the time to get to know our readers. Not many bloggers keep this up as their to-do lists grow and their blogs become a business. But, more engagement can be an easy way to boost your stats.


Internet trends change over time. Clashing colours, fancy fonts, and flashy gimmicks were popular once. Now, they just make a site hard to read and look dated. White space is much more popular today. But, this will also change. Take a look at your layout, change your theme and find ways to refresh the appearance of your site.

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