If you run a business, there’s always a challenge ahead. Negotiating choppy waters is part and parcel of the job. If you’re keen to beat the odds and keep your business afloat, here are some of the most significant obstacles your company must overcome.


Cybercrime is an increasingly potent threat to modern businesses. Forbes estimates that the global cost of cybercrime will reach $6 trillion by the year 2021. We often see high-profile security breaches in the media, but it’s not just multinational corporations that are targeted. Every business, no matter the size or the turnover, should be wary of the impact of cybercrime. As a business owner, it’s wise to invest in software to protect your networks and systems and to consider recruiting IT professionals or working with external agencies that can provide expertise in this area. If you’re thinking of hiring, and you want to find the best candidates in the business, look into headhunting services, and take a moment to read this page http://www.eagleheadhunters.co.uk/choosing-a-headhunting-firm/. If you’re looking to outsource IT, search for an agency that has experience within your industry and look at client testimonials and portfolios. It’s also wise to provide all members of staff with training to enable them to spot signs of potentially suspicious activity and improve the safety of the systems you use.

Data regulation

If you’re the owner of a company, there are certain legal responsibilities you assume as soon as you register your business. At the moment, data regulation is a hot topic. The GDPR has recently come into play in the EU and data breaches have hit the headlines over the past few weeks. As a business owner, it’s your duty to be aware of the legalities involved in handling, collecting and sharing data. If you don’t comply with regulations, you run the risk of having to pay fines, and you could also damage the reputation of your brand.

Changing environments

The environment in which modern businesses operate is changing all the time. Economic uncertainty and political unrest have an impact on companies of all sizes, and a lack of certainty can make it very difficult for even the most successful and established firms to plan ahead, manage their finances and provide reassurances for their customers. In a world where nobody really knows what’s around the corner, flexibility and adaptability are key. If you’re keen to make your business more flexible, take a look at this article https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/296735. To minimise the impact of change, prepare in advance wherever possible, have a plan B in place and take calculated risks, rather than optimistic punts.

Managing a business today is very different to running a company 20, 30 or 50 years ago. The world of business has evolved, and it changes continually, providing entrepreneurs with a never-ending series of challenges and obstacles. It can be difficult to navigate stormy seas, but hopefully, this guide will help you to stay above water.

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