I just love the late great comedian Benny Hill, and find some of his sketches so funny and hilarious. Recently my husband shared one on his Facebook page that made me laugh so much I almost pulled a muscle in my side. As I had been feeling a bit on the low side, it cheered me up no end to see the clip he shared.

Benny Hill had a reputation for being a bit un-PC and sexist, especially with his “Hills Angels” and chasing women, usually at the end of his shows to the “Yackety Sax” theme music, but it was just harmless and funny. The other day I found this clip of him trying to emulate poet Pam Ayres as he recites a poem about a pigeon he befriended, and it is so funny! His face cracks me up, and whever I am feeling a bit down I just watch a few minutes of Benny Hill, have a good laugh and then all is right with the world again.

Here is the pigeon poem clip, enjoy!