The modern business spends a lot of its time online. Indeed, this is where you will find a lot of your clients or customers, making you wonder if a once essential item no longer has any purpose. 

Ah yes, the humble business card has been around for generations, and it used to be a gateway to your business. You’d hand out your card at events or to people you met on the street, instantly providing them with your contact details. They kept a piece of you in their pocket for as long as they liked, and they could take out your card and give you a call. 

Now, one could argue that business cards have been replaced by links to your website. Instead of handing out your card, you’re directing people to your site. So, does this mean that business cards are redundant in the digital age?

Do you want a short answer? 

No. Business cards are not redundant in the digital age. 

How about a longer answer?

Well, a business card still has many uses and there are plenty of reasons to still get some printed and carry them around…

Another way of generating leads

Yes, a website will help you generate lots of leads and tap into many potential clients online. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to find leads by other means! The beauty of a business card is that it’s so cheap. You pay to have them printed, and you just hand them out or place them in coffee shops. This means you can get your business out there to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people per day. All it takes is one person to pick up your business card and use it to visit your site or to give you a call. Why give up on a method of generating leads that are proven to work, just because you’re using online marketing as well?

Excellent at networking events

Business cards really come into their own at networking events. This can include conferences, trade shows, exhibitions – anything. Carrying some business cards with you will help you network and strike up relationships with people in your industry. That’s a crucial aspect of business cards a lot of people forget; they’re not just used to draw in clients, they can help you draw in suppliers and partners as well. Going to a business event without them is such an unwise idea. You’d need to exchange details with other people, and it can be a bit annoying for them and you. Instead, you simply swap business cards and get all the info you need in your pocket!

Brilliant at improving brand perception

Another reason to still bother with business cards is that they help you improve your brand perception. The style of your business card can change the way that people view and perceive your company. A plain card that looks like it’s been done using Microsoft Paint is hardly likely to have an impact on the public. But, something fancier, maybe with foil printing to make it shiny, will suddenly cause eyebrows to be raised. People see your business card and instantly make a judgment on your business. If the card is good, you will have a very positive reception from others, making your brand seem better. 

Can still help you generate web traffic

If web traffic and online leads are your primary concern, you can still use business cards to help you. As mentioned earlier, they are still effective at generating leads. The trick is to implement QR codes on your business cards. Get some codes created that link to your site, meaning anyone can find their way to your online presence through your business cards. Modern smartphones have built-in QR code scanners, so basically everyone has the ability to scan the code and visit your site. 

As a bonus, having QR codes will help with the previous point on improving brand perception. You’ll have a very modern business card with a unique feature that impresses everyone. Not only will people visit your site, but they’re more likely to be a convertible lead because they’re impressed by you. 

See, business cards still have uses in the modern age. True, a website is almost like an online business card, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on the traditional item. With the right business cards, you can draw in more leads, improve your reputation, and network with ease. So, don’t start ditching your business cards just yet!