Cyber security is a huge issue that affects everyone in today’s interconnected world. We make sure to protect our online identity by changing passwords and keeping business details safe. But there’s one huge vulnerability that most Americans don’t think of securing, and that’s our cars.

Today’s cars contain over 100 electronic control units, most of which are hackable, as demonstrated by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek in their famous Jeep hack of 2015. When a hacker gains control of your car, they can control anything from basic dashboard functions to the engine and brakes. The results, as you can imagine, are serious.

Thankfully, there haven’t been many major, large-scale car hacks. The likelihood of a traditional break-in remains much larger for now. However, with the rise of electronic vehicles and self-driving cars, it’s important to take your car’s cybersecurity seriously. The animated infographic below from Esurance makes it easy.