The decision of buying a new laptop or computer is one which can take a long time. Since the last time you bought a device, the market will have increased exponentially and there are so many different choices out there that it gets a little confusing.

As we know, the main two tech giants are Apple and Windows. To hose between a windows PC and an Apple Mac like the one here: Tech Village Uk can feel impossible, but there are some solid ways to make the decision much easier.

Bundled software

Apple is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a computer which does everything in one go. All Apple devices come equipped with photo software, document software, weather, news, messaging and email. You don’t even have to download any of these applications when you buy the device because they are already there. Windows comes with a few applications of its own, but for the most part, you will need to download things yourself as and when you need it.


If you are a lover of gaming, then you will likely already know where we are going with this point, and the answer is pretty clear. The PC is a Goliath in gaming and it has been dominating the online gaming world for decades. If you want to get an amazing retro gaming experience with the best graphics, windows are your guys. This is not to say that Apple can’t make and host games, because they can, but when it comes to a choice between the two there has to be one clear winner.

User interface

Apple has always been under the impression that they have the best possible user interface for their customers. The display is sleek and modern, icons are colorful and clear and the navigation is simple. However, if you have grown up with the Windows style of desktop there is a certain charm about it which cannot be replaced. This one is totally a matter of personal choice and taste, so just go with whichever one floats your boat.


It has to be said that Mac users experience fewer instances of viruses and malware than their PC counterparts. If you want a machine where you are storing very sensitive data on a large scale, Apple is likely the better choice for you to take here.


The cost of Apple products has always been a subject of criticism and a running joke for many, and it is starkly different from its counterpart. Windows machines have always been fairly well priced, and although there are some incredibly expensive machines, there are still some cheaper options for everyone to access. Apple has always been more expensive, and though it can be argued that the quality is there for it, it is down to your budget.

The choice between a Mac and PC is a hard one, but depending on what you plan to use it for and on what scale, these points should help you reach a decent conclusion.

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