Most tourists get lured by the attractive tourist spots on their vacations to far-off places. Manchester is one of those places that people love to tick off their wish list in the United Kingdom. Apart from numerous tourist spots, it is home to the renowned football club, Manchester United. Apart from this legacy, the city is also known for many firsts. It is also the cultural and commercial capital of Lancashire. These are reasons enough to lure travelers from across the globe.

When you book a tour operator, you will be engaging in fast tourism and will not be able to savor the best delights of the city. Moreover, you will only see what they show you. A set itinerary is often followed on such tours. So you have no say on the matter. Now, you can explore the city on foot and discover facets yourself. Moreover, you will be indulging in slow tourism all this while. You can either opt for guided ones or self-guided ones, and this blog post will help you create your walking tour of Manchester.

Free Walking Tour of Manchester

You will be discovering the most beautiful and prominent architectural works on this tour. Explore the past and present of the colorful city, with its repertoire of glorious personalities. Additionally, you will be delving into Manchester amid the Industrial Revolution and its journey to becoming Cottonopolis.

The tour content varies from person to person. Still, it will include Manchester Town Hall, Lincoln Memorial, The Royal Exchange, and Manchester Cathedral. The tour generally takes place daily in all kinds of weather. If weather conditions are unsuitable, you can spend more time inside the buildings. This tour is loved by adults who love to go back to the past. Find out intricacies associated with the place in full detail.

Manchester Music Walking Tour

Go back to the days of the Haçienda, when the music scene was at its peak. It is a free walking tour that Ed Glinert organized. It is not hidden to the world that Manchester is a musical city. You must have heard of numerous musicians who have come from there. They are John Cooper Clarke, The Smiths, and Stone Roses, amongst many others. The Haçienda is a legendary place, a nightclub that mesmerized everybody from the word go. It was the most popular one people flocked to. You will be starting the tour from Tony Wilson Place and hearing the narration about where Haçienda stood once. Some of the most renowned musicians played there. It was open from 1982 to 1997.

It is also known as the source of Acid House music. The club also became associated with gangs and thugs. Thus, getting a bad name for it. Learn about all of these and uncover hidden facts about the place on this tour. You will also be learning about Free Trade Hall, where the Sex Pistols played.

Manchester Caffeine Tour

Famous for the festival dedicated to the beverage, you can start the tour from Ancoats, in the Royal Mills, where you will learn about the beans. Additionally, you come to know about its source, harvest, processing, and delivery. Get a chance to see the roasters used and how the green bean turns into a hot cup of beverage. You can also head to the Northern Quarter, where specialty cafes are. Atkinsons can be your final stop on this tour.

You can even pick up a coffee lovers gift set on one of these tours. These often consist of beans, a decanter, and a press. If you are a coffee lover, you will love every bit of this tour. Carry a few pieces for your friends and family back home. They will love you for it.

The Manchester Ghost Walkabout

It is amongst the most entertaining ghost tours in the UK. You will hear about singers, musicians, and other artists coming back from the dead on this tour. You will also learn about souls that refuse to leave the city and more. The tour starts above the ground from one of the graveyards and concludes at Forsyths. It will be a dark tour that you will remember for a long.

Learn about Manchester Ophelia on this very tour. It is about the frozen woman found in River Irwell, some 200 years back in time. One of the mill owners happened to find the body in 1814 and mistook it for a water maiden. Later, it was revealed to be a maiden from the town who died under mysterious circumstances. There are stories abound on the nature of the incident. You may hear some of them from your guide. Get ready to experience the most fabulous story-telling from the guides.

These are a few of the numerous walking tours that travelers are ready to take on. You can also join on any of these. Discover facets about the city that remain hidden from the public eye. These tours are personalized and well-curated tours, with a difference. Go for them!