It helps to learn GIMP or Photoshop for numerous reasons. Today, we live in a highly visual cyber world where a photo can make you famous. Digital art is also a core hobby with computer enthusiasts, which can be used to make your blog shine or boost how your photos look and feel.

File Types and Compression

One of the key reasons to learn the basics of photo editing software is to get to grips with file types and compression. This is vital for keeping sizes low and boosting loading times. It also helps with ordering custom merchandise and office supplies such as stickers, mugs, and bags for your company. Some file types are better suited for different things, the main ones being .jpg, .png and .svg. Compression removes colours that the human eye can’t see for smaller file sizes.

Adding Images to Your Blog

As mentioned above, learning how to use some features of image editing software can help with your blog. Editing is a chore for some and a joy for others. But it doesn’t need to be boring. When you understand how it all works, you can upload and edit images for blog posts with ease. Colour palettes, compression and cropping are all part of the process, and you can even record some actions for automation. This saves time and keeps your editing process consistent.

Learn GIMP or Photoshop for Photo Editing

Photography is a great hobby because it challenges your perception of the world, gets you outside for new experiences and is an ongoing learning process. A DSLR is often the best place to start, as these offer stunning quality for a good price if you learn how to use a camera. Which might be a good idea. A recent survey has found that 90% of people who take pictures have only done so with an Android or iOS smartphone camera. Not bad, but not all that great either.

Getting the Most from RAW Files

When you begin learning how to use a DSLR camera, you will notice that images may not turn out as clear as you hoped, even with perfect exposure, aperture and lighting. This is because they are set to compress images by default. The camera’s settings need to be changed to RAW so images aren’t compressed. This gives you the best possible quality. But it also allows you to edit all aspects of an image from within Photoshop or using GIMP’s free RAW plugin.

A Fun Hobby with Real Skills

There is so much more to learning about photo and image editing than taking pictures or making quick edits. Image editing is a hobby with so many branches and multiple skills you can use for employment. Web design, graphics design and even 3D modelling all rely on skilled artists and creators with knowledge of image suites and tools. Even in today’s world of AI assistance, there’s only so much the machine can do, and talent is always being sought after in all forms.


Getting to grips with compression and file type are just two reasons to learn GIMP or Photoshop these days. These tools are also excellent for editing photos and offer a fun and skilful hobby.