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The 5 Best Things About Working From Home

The 5 Best Things About Working From Home

Let’s be clear here. Working from home has its caveats. For starters, you’re always at work which can make keeping to set hours and managing your delicate work / life balance extra challenging. Secondly, when you work really hard for long hours you can go a whole day without setting foot outside or even seeing another human being. Working from home brings with it a whole host of distractions, especially if you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about the challenges of the day ahead. After a few hours you may have a perfectly organised sock drawer… But you’re one big step closer to a missed deadline. Yet, while it may have its downside, working from home has a wonderful host of benefits.

In an age where telecommuters are becoming more and more proliferate, perhaps it’s time to avail yourself of these brilliant benefits of working from home…

No morning commute for you, ever

It’s okay to admit it. All telecommuters feel just a little smug on wet and windy days when they look out of their window and see the thronging masses scurrying to work on the slippery sidewalk or sitting fuming in nose-to-tail traffic. Telecommuters need never be caught in rush hour traffic. They can simply sip coffee and prepare for the day ahead while the stressed legions mill and writhe below.

As soon as you’re off the clock, your time’s your own

By that same token, as soon as you finish working from home your time becomes your own. All wage slaves know the frustration and resentment that comes with sitting in the 5 o’clock rush or sweating away on a crowded bus or train feeling as though their sparse free time is slipping away through their fingers.

When you work from home you can slide from your workstation into a nice hot bath and begin winding down to enjoy your free time!

You can order stuff online… And actually be home when it arrives

Is there anything more frustrating than coming home to a little card telling you that you’ve missed that package you’ve been waiting on for days. You have to go through the hassle of either collecting it from your local sorting office or arranging redelivery… And, quite frankly, you’re busy enough. When you work from home, however, you can order stuff online safe in the knowledge that whether it’s a book from Amazon, DIY supplies from Bryson Products or groceries from Tesco, you’ll be there to collect it. Nice!

You can make your office your own

There’s nothing more dismal and frustrating than trying to maintain peak productivity in an office that seems designed to make you miserable. When you work from home, your workspace can be whatever you want it to be. Apply some feng shui principles, add some houseplants or collectibles to your desk, set yourself up a Spotify playlist to make your working day more fun. Do whatever you feel will make your working environment happy and conducive to productivity.

You can wear whatever you want

Finally, no more feeling constrained and restricted by your work clothes. When you work from home you can wear whatever you want all day long. Nonetheless, it’s still a good idea to wear something other than your PJs or underwear. When you wear grown up clothes to work even when you’re working from home, it’s much more satisfying when you slip into something more comfortable!

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Lisa Ventura (AKA ‘Cyber Geek Girl’) is a Content Marketer, PR, Digital and Cyber Security professional, and is an active blogger and influencer.



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