Creating a great website for your brand is an essential step in your marketing campaign and it is something we all need to try and do to increase our presence online and our reputation too. When it comes to creating a website for our brand it is important that the website it fun, interesting and easy to use. Here are some of the small Steps you can take to make a great website this year.

Choose a theme

The best way for you to take a step forward with your braking for a website this year is actually to use a theme which is already made for you. Rather than spending weeks designing a website from scratch, a theme can be handy because it will give you all of the elements you need and all you have to do is edit it slightly to fit your own purpose. Using a ready made theme is a great way to make your website look more professional from the start.

Use big font

As we start to add some content to our website one of the main things we will need is text. You will want to have text which tells the audience what your brand is about and how you came to be, and of course to sell items too. If you want to ensure that everyone can enjoy your website and use it, make sure to pick a font which is large and easy to read. It might seem too obvious but during your design process it might not be something you think about right away.

Add images

Images are the best way to pull people into your website and make them feel as if they have stepped into a new world. Words are great but photos create an atmosphere, and you will be able to use this atmosphere to pull people in and make them want to engage more with your brand. Make sure to take your own photographs instead of using stock images because this will add more personality to you and your brand.

Easy navigation

One of the first things anyone will see as they come to your website is the menu. You need to make sure that the menu is in an easy to read place and that the navigation for it is clear cut and easy to understand. Be sure to make the menu front and centre to encourage people to investigate your website further.

Test it

Once you have created your website you should use a user testing platform to make sure that the website works perfectly. Your website is the first point of contact many people will have with your brand and as such it is important for you to make a good impression and ensure everything works as it should do. Doing this will ensure that everyone is able to use your site easily and often. And doing this will attract more people to come and engage with you as a brand.