There are a few things we can’t wrap our heads around that just seem to be social norms. We’re talking about things like why the weekend is only two days long, why the subways are always so morose and, above all else, why work can’t be fun.


Forget all that nonsense that, “work is not supposed to be fun, which is why it’s called fun”. Work is a part of life and life is definitely meant to be fun. Period. The issue is, people are confusing the word ‘fun’ with ‘slacking off’, which is absolutely hilarious; more hilarious than these photos that show the hilarious office life we all crave. It’s madness. It’s actually been proven to helps build camaraderie, increase productivity, enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty, as well as boost creativity and innovation.

So, without further ado, here are some great ways to add a dollop of the fun stuff your office:

  1. Let them Decorate

It’s the little things that make an office more fun and friendly, which is why you need to encourage your employees to decorate their workspaces. Some pictures of their family or their pets, a bunch of fresh flowers, those weird Japanese cartoon things they have an obsession with. Anything that will boost their morale.

  1. Get An Office Dog

Yup. You read that right. Get an office pooch. It may sound utterly barking (excuse the pun), but office dogs can have a huuuge impact on the happy levels of your employees, the way clients view when they come through the door and he Instagram photos you put up. People love office pets so much.

  1. Make Lunches Communal

Everybody in your office eats something or other for lunch so why not do the obvious thing and eat lunch together. It’s such a simple and grand way to get to know each other that little bit better.

  1. Stash Of Snacks

People love snacking. It makes us feel happy in the most direct way possible – through our bellies. That’s why you need to start stocking a snack drawer, which isn’t just cheap, it also creates a focal point for conversation in the office. It will also make people more efficient because they won’t have to keep nipping out to get food.

  1. Play Games & Recharge

We all need to take five minutes every now and again, if only just to recharge our brains a bit, and the best way to do this is to offer a few games. The kind of things that will really let people take their minds off work for a moment or three. A ping pong table, a bit of pool, a stash of board games, charades. Anything that will pop a smile on people’s faces.

  1. A Quotes Board

We have a friend that had a quotes board in his house and it was hilarious. All you need to do is having a few cork boards somewhere and then start making a note of all the weird and hilarious quotes people make within the four walls of your office. These things will keep people in stitches for an age.

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