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Learning a new Programming Language to Further your Career

Learning a new Programming Language to Further your Career

Chances are you have considered learning a programming language, but the choice and different usages of code are a bit overwhelming. Here’s an overview of a few languages to consider.

If you ever have built web pages, JavaScript most likely has crossed your path. The language is relatively easy to learn, and there are plenty of user resources available. It’s perfect to add interactivity to your web pages. If you work extensively with the Google suite of products, such as Google Sheets, it translates exceptionally well to the syntax used in Google App Scripts.

If JavaScript is too common for you, consider learning PHP. For example, if you have ever created a WordPress site, you would have come across PHP. A WordPress site is effectively a set of data tables (think Excel) that uses PHP to modify, store and call data into a set template.

If you are not interested in building websites, but more in creating a (web) application. Ruby and Python might be more suitable for you. Although both languages are quite flexible and easy to learn, people will point out that the main difference between both is that where multiple ways are usually fine for Ruby, the is usually only one right way with Python. Both Ruby and Python are general purpose so that you could do pretty much anything with them. Companies that use Ruby are Hulu, Twitter, ZenDesk, Shopify and Git-Hub. Python is popular within ABC companies such as Google and Youtube.

Where Ruby and Python are perfect for the world of ‘go fast and break things’, if you are working on something more critical, a language such as Java might be more suited. Infinitely more complex than JavaScript, this is currently considered the top language to learn. Suitable for mobile and desktop applications, creating Android apps and in most cases will be acceptable for most IT security experts to run on enterprise networks.

Instead of Ruby, Python and Java with their wide range of usages, you could consider a more functional language with a specific objective such as SQL. Where the general-purpose languages are all flashy in their usage, SQL is the workhorse of computer-based work. There are plenty of database solutions out there, each with its own syntax, but in the core, they are all the same. Get some SQL training today to get going.

If you are looking to develop apps for the iOS ecosystem, consider learning Objective-C. This seems to be the preferred choice for IOS web developers. Learning Objective-C also means you will be a lot agiler in Xcode, the main iOS app development tool from Apple themselves.

Regardless what language you choose to learn, the amount of resources online is plentiful. It might be good to decide if it’s a hobby or something you would consider pursuing as a career. Start small, but if you feel it’s something you seriously want to do daily, consider investing a bit. Alternatively, build a business case where you show the need for learning this language to your current employer and how it benefits them, they might pick up the tab!

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Lisa Ventura (AKA ‘Cyber Geek Girl’) is a Content Marketer, PR, Digital and Cyber Security professional, and is an active blogger and influencer.



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