When moving out of a rented property, it’s important to make sure that you leave the place spick-and-span. A clean house/apartment means a happy landlord, and a happy landlord means that you are more likely to get a positive reference and your deposit. What’s more, it’s only polite to make sure that the place is left in a good condition for the next inhabitants.

Moving out often involves a long list of to-dos and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. If you need to start cleaning, but don’t know where to start we recommend that you take a look at this infographic guide from The Cleaning Services Group which lays out all the jobs (big and small) you will need to do as part of your move-out clean. Before you get started, talk to your landlord to find out whether they intend to hire professionals or if they expect you to take responsibility for cleaning the property. Be sure to check your lease as well to see if you’ll have to pay any additional cleaning and maintenance fees. Another handy tip is to wrap up your packing before you start scrubbing, as the less stuff you have in the property, the easier it will be to clean.

Scroll down to the infographic below to view the full cleaning checklist for moving out.