Cybersecurity is not new — in fact, the United Kingdom introduced their first legislation around computer misuse in 1990. In the time since, the world has changed at a continually rapid pace to see us arrive at the third decade of the 21st century with powerful pocket computer smartphones and devices that enable us to control our homes from a great distance. 

When it comes to cybersecurity in our current times, there is a greater need than ever to have sound digital literacy. You can’t afford to dismiss this as only having relevance for professional contexts with your personal data equally non-negotiable for safety, privacy, and protecting your home networks. With many more people now working or studying remotely, switching to completely online banking, or signing documents digitally, having a proactive approach is like a form of healthcare for your virtual life. There’s a reason that Forbes reports cybersecurity spending will reach $123 billion USD in 2020. Bernard Marr writes, “More and more of our vital infrastructure is coming online and vulnerable to digital attacks, data breaches involving the leak of personal information are becoming more frequent and bigger, and there’s an increasing awareness of political interference and state-sanctioned cyberattacks.”

So where does this leave the average person? With education in this area fundamentally important, Irish Telecom shared the infographic below, to provide a deeper look at leading cybersecurity trends with discussion including key statistics. Consider this graphic a 101 for understanding cybersecurity trends you can then apply in personal and professional situations.

Five Key Cybersecurity Trends For 2020 & Beyond

These trends have timeliness for everything from managing sensitive data through to updating your home network’s passwords. Read on for a more comprehensive understanding of exactly how the following trends affect your security now and into the future:

  • The EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation and related global legislation
  • Cloud Security
  • Security solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • The Internet of Things
  • Next-gen Authentication technology



Cybersecurity Trends to Know in 2020 [Infographic]

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