The ultimate goal of any business is its growth. However, the main challenge is how to achieve this goal affordably and feasibly. Currently, businesses apply technology to integrate, automate, and re-engineer most of their operations.

The use of technology has resulted in a more enhanced scale, reduced cost of operations, streamlined processes, and increased production. So, how can you use technology to implement your business growth strategy? You have to employ the use of digital technology.

It is basic knowledge that the application of modern technology creates financial opportunities for businesses. The most important part is how you use it. The following are ways you can use technology in your business development strategies.

Use Mobile Devices

Millennials are essential in SMB marketing since they are the leaders in the usage of these devices. You cannot overlook the millennial factor at this digital age, especially when creating your business growth strategies.

If you have a business website, consider transforming it into a mobile-friendly website to enhance the user experience and boost its SERPs ranking. Google introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP project in 2015. It is aimed at speeding up mobile pages. Therefore, this is an essential thing worth considering.

Make Use of Social Media

Since the establishment of Facebook in 2004, the social media industry has undergone tremendous development. Consequently, social media’s emergence has influenced how businesses and companies develop and implement their growth strategies.  

As of 2018, the total number of active social media users was approximately 2.55 billion. Therefore, social media has become a powerful marketing platform. Social media creates a great avenue for you to identify customers and interact with them freely.

You need to build a robust and persuasive social media presence and enhance your online presence. Let your customer know the availability of your business on online platforms.

Leverage the Influence of Cloud Computing

Previously, businesses would use software downloaded applications and programs on their servers or computers to complete their work. This technology cannot be regarded as inefficient since it used to yield results.  

However, cloud technology is more advanced. Therefore, if you wish to deploy dominant business growth strategies, cloud technology should be your main priority.

Use Productivity Tools

One of the business growth strategies you should consider leveraging is maximizing your efficiency by applying productivity tools. Being able to perform more operations at a reduced time can have a significant impact on your business. Companies such as Slater Pumps have embraced technology production tools like the DAB Pumps.

Productivity tools can help you to determine your business performance and monitor your process. Efficient productivity tools should be aligned with the overall business growth strategies. Today, millennial employees want to access productivity tools that have modern technology.

Increase your Data

As everything is being digitized, you can use several data sources to modernize your business growth strategies. Businesses obtain data petabytes and terabytes from sources such as web media and mobile, customer service channels, and transaction and operational tools.


Business growth is the main goal of any company. The emergence of modern technology has greatly and widely influenced business operations. You can build a compelling and robust business growth strategy by using modern technology.