For business owners wanting to make a splash at the next event or convention, they must find a way to stand out from the competition. But it’s not as simple as having a great product or service. It’s not enough to have a bright, vivid logo and a catchy name. You need more than that to attract people to your stand.

So where do you begin? Standing out and being easily recognizable isn’t just beneficial for attracting people at the event, but also attracting more business once the event is over. It helps raise and spread brand awareness and reputation before you even get to the elevator pitch. 

An Eye-Catching Stand

While appearances shouldn’t be as notable as they are, there’s no denying how much they matter, and for most people, appearance is the first thing they notice when attending an event. Investing in eye-catching modular exhibition stands can give you the advantage over companies who merely brought a fold-out table and hand-painted sign. 

These stands can be anything you like and can help you recreate the environment of your service to helping deliver a bit of the history of your product or easter eggs of culture. They are easy to assemble and easy to take down, too, so you can move them between conventions with ease. 


Who doesn’t love getting things for free? Offering free samples of your product or merchandise with your company name and logo on can do wonders for your marketing strategy. While the people may not need your business now, they might do in the future, and so them taking a keychain, pen, USB drive, or reusable water bottle with your name on it will give them an idea of where to go. 

These freebies can also spread the word to people who did not even attend the event. A dynamic logo or clever slogan on a pen is something that will make people take notice and maybe seek out your service if they require it. 

Something Interactive

The most popular stands and stalls at any event are those where attendees can get involved and do something interactive. This sampling of the product doesn’t just give people an idea of how it works, but it also offers a fun break from the endless wandering around the convention hall. 

You may have seen virtual reality stations demonstrating space travel from the comfort of your living room. There may be quick workshops allowing you to make something yourself. The interactivity can range from the simple to the complicated, and there are plenty of options to explore depending on your product and industry that will get people crowding around your booth. 

Standing Out in an Ocean of Similarity

Conventions and business events can be overwhelming. There is so much to see, so many people to network with, and too much going on that you might not discover the hidden gems nestled between other stands. To ensure that no one misses your stand, make it as attractive, approachable, and enjoyable as you can, and watch the attention roll in.