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Guest Post: How to Remove Malicious Code and Malware from Websites

Guest Post: How to Remove Malicious Code and Malware from Websites

The main reasons how website get hacked or infected with malware are:

  • Phishing
  • SEO Spam
  • Malware
  • Misconfiguration
  • Vulnerable code
  • Brute Force
  • Backdoor
  • Defacement
  • Vulnerable plugin/extension

It’s not new to know that 80% of websites contain vulnerabilities. So, if you want to make sure your website is clean get a website scan for security vulnerabilities with the following tools.

Is It hacked?

Do you want to remove malware, malicious code and from a website and clean it? If you feel your website is has changed and somethings are not as usual, then don’t panic. Get in touch with the below experts and they will help you to restore your online business.

  2. SiteGuarding
  3. Wordfence
  4. Fix My Site
  5. Hacker Combat
  6. SiteLock
  7. StopTheHacker
  8. Virusdie
  9. 6SCAN
  10. Malcare


SUCURI is one of the most popular website security services which help to clean the hacked website including the following.

  1. Google blacklist
  2. Malware injections
  3. Defacement
  4. SEO Spam
  5. Phishing
  6. Malicious redirects
  7. Backdoors
  8. Google warning

Not only just cleaning one time but SUCURI will protect your website and prevent future hacks. SUCURI cost you $24.99 per month to repair hacked website and future prevention/protection.


If you are looking for priority malware removal from WordPress or Joomla, then SiteGuarding will help you to clean within 1-3 hours.

Malware removal by SiteGuarding has multiple options so you can choose what works for you.

The following are covered:

Core file checks

Backdoor Removal

SQL/XSS prevention

Blacklist removal (Google, McAfee, Norton)

Website back and log analyze

Website acceleration

SiteGuarding help you to repair your website from $52+


Wordfence helps you to clean and restore WordPress or Joomla website quickly. In case you are not aware, Wordfence plugin for WordPress is having more than 1 million active installed.

In cleaning service, you get the following by Wordfence.

Detailed report of the investigation and removal

Actionable checklist for future attacks prevention

Clean and restore the affected website

Investigation how attackers got into your website

Wordfence Premium license for one year (worth $99)

Wordfence charge you $179

Hacker Combat

Hacker Combat provides a cloud-based Free Website Malware Scanner for scanning your websites and generating scan reports. This free tool would help you check website for malicious code or do free website security check.

Since cyber-attacks are becoming too rampant nowadays, it is recommended that you check your website with such tools to avoid any unwanted attack. Hacker Combat does the job for you.


SiteLock is one of most trusted brands in website security and offers Malware removal service – SiteLock911.

SiteLock911 does it differently. It downloads the website files >> scan the code >> remove the malware >> upload the fixed files to the server.

Malware Removal is included in all the SiteLock packages including the following features.

  • Basic DDoS protection
  • Website acceleration (global CDN, minification, image optimization, caching, compression, etc.)
  • WAF
  • Daily vulnerability/malware scan
  • Trust Seal
  • Worth giving a try to SiteLock if you are looking to repair hacked website and protect in future.

Fix My Site

Fix My Site is offer dedicated service for WordPress site to clean hacked site, remove malware & blacklist.

It’s three steps process.

Scan – to find risk items

Clean – fix the findings

Optimize – harden the security

You get detailed report of what was seen and cleaned along with the necessary implementation to protect your site.

Repairing cost start from $99 and they offer money back guarantee if not fixed.


StopTheHacker provides complete website security including malware clean up. You have the option to either fix malware on your own or let StopTheHacker automatically clean it.

Along with clean-up, you get the following:

Blacklist/reputation monitoring

Malware/virus scanning

Phishing/defacement/PHP Spam Shell/Insecure folder/.htaccess/error/malicious code detection

Another thing worth mentioning is Facebook page protection. They protect the Facebook page against possible scam and spams.


Virusdie – the name says it all. Continuous scan for malware and help to remove it automatically if found.

Virusdie also helps to continuously scan your website for malware, website firewall to prevent XSS/SQLi/DDoS attacks, backup/restore, etc.

Virusdie pricing starts at around $4.99 per month.


Removal of malware is part of website protection “professional plan.” Under this plan, 6SCAN remove malicious code and add necessary monitoring and security.

Daily website/malware scan

Automatic malware quarantine/vulnerability repair

Blacklist monitoring

Web application firewall

OWASP Top 10/SQL/XSS protection

SMS/Email notification

Security badge

Professional plan by 6SCAN cost you around $360 per year


Using WordPress?

Malcare is a comprehensive security solution for WordPress to detect, clean and protect from malware.

You can instantly clean malicious code from your WordPress site with a single click. Malcare is capable of removing single to complex malware.

I hope the above listed services help you to repair hacked website and put your online business in operation.

Don’t get hacked, stay secured!

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