Guest blogger on Cyber Geek Girl Russell Ventura shares his frustration at having to deal with black mould in his ensuite shower cubicle, and how while nothing he has tried to date has solved the problem, the JML Hurricane Spin Scrubber did the job perfectly first time!

The Challenge

Shower cubicle black mould – scrub and destroy.

I had developed a sick feeling whenever I went to shower as I had this constant companion during shower time – a very unwelcome companion BLACK MOULD!

After watching the advertising channels ad for the Hurricane Spin Scrubber, I felt that this could be the answer to the terrible black mould that was spoiling my shower cubicle tiles.

I had researched all over the internet, watched YouTube videos and even tried some old wives’ tales but nothing would even make a dent in getting rid of the mould.

This was my last attempt before deciding to either remove all the grout and redo it, or remove all the tiles and replace the whole shower unit.

Enter the HERO!

I placed my order in good faith, and did not really have any expectations as it sounded too good to be true. It was not cheap, but came with a 30-day money back guarantee so I felt I had nothing to lose, and if it actually worked it would be worth every penny.

My order arrived within a couple of days, and then I unboxed the Hurricane Spin Scrubber and proceeded to charge it up.

I left it on charge overnight, and when I noticed that the charge light was on permanent (informing me it was fully charged) I went into the bathroom armed with my Spin Scrubber and Cillit Bang – Black mould remover.

This was a battle I intended to win, so fingers crossed I had finally found the answer.

I sprayed the Cillit bang liberally over the grouting areas and left it for a few minutes to enable it to do its work. I had tried it before with a hand scrubber, but didn’t really make a noticeable difference.

So, to the moment of truth. I connected the Spin Scrubber extension and the dome brush turned on the Spin Scrubber. I directed the brush into the grouting areas and then all over the tiles. At first I felt that the scrubber was not making a difference, and the failure feeling began to come over me, and then, just a minute or two later, I started to see white….

I felt a relief and a joy all at the same time, as I could finally see an end to the mould that had become a mortal enemy in the shower.

Spurred on by this glimmer of hope I continued. I covered the whole tiled area and after the Cillit Bang had drifted down into the shower tray, I started scrubbing down there and caused the mixture to foam up. I coated the brush with the foam, and repeated scrubbing the grout.

Every time I applied a bit of pressure I could see it working.

I spent about 40 minutes repeating the actions of applying Cillit Bang, spreading it into the mould areas and loading up the brush with foam that was collecting in the shower tray.

Now for the reveal. I wiped down the tiles with a damp cloth to reveal that the mould had gone. I was truly amazed and happy that I had a mould free shower.


It works ????
It’s very easy to use.
It lasts a long time.
The extension help me reach high places and keeps we away from the grime.

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