We purchased our Gtech AirRam and Gtech MULTI over a year ago now, and I must say that the experience has been one of the best I have ever had with any company.

To enjoy the discount, we purchase the Gtech AirRam MK1 and Gtech MULTI MK1 together as it offered a saving of £50.

If you have ever used any of the Gtech cleaners you will know that they exceed what is stated in the ads, and we have never enjoyed cleaning up the home as much as we have with these cleaners, and I must  point out that I am an ex-Dyson animal user.

I no longer need to be a body builder to take the cleaner with me, or have to plan cleaning up and down with a cord.

The customer experience.

Everything started out as every other purchase, with easy ordering on-line with the products arriving within a day or two. I immediately assembled cleaners and placed them on charge. Once the charge cycle was complete I started to put them through their paces.

I started off with the Gtech MULTI, and wondered if I could clean the entire home in one visit which exceeded its purpose as a smaller, take anywhere cleaner.

I made easy work of all the carpeted rooms in our home, as well as the stairs, kitchen and conservatory. Once I had finished I checked the little lights to see how much charge it had left and was amazed that it still had 2 lights on.

I wished I had more vacuuming to do as it was a breeze, but would have to wait until the house became untidy again before I could give the AirRam a go.

We have a 3 year old German Shepherd / Husky Cross  dog called Poppy, and hair is often around the home so these two cleaners would really help. We had previously had the Dyson Animal for this very reason, and wondered how we would get on with Gtech.

After putting the AirRam through its paces they both had performed much better than expected as we felt that being battery powered we may have issues.


Then followed the first interaction with Gtech to test their customer services. We discovered within a few days of purchasing the vacuum cleaners, Gtech had launched a K9 version of the AirRam. We contacted customer services and explained we had a dog that sheds a lot, and we would prefer the K9 version as it was built for this very reason.

We had no problems at all with customer services who said we could return the AirRam in its packaging, and they would upgrade our order if we would pay the cost difference (as the K9 was more expensive). We were delighted they would help us upgrade, so I proceeded to make my way to the showroom.

When I arrived at the showroom, it was amazing. It was very sci-fi, large and clean. I could see the entire range of Gtech products, along with demonstrations of the benefits each product offered. Our transaction was quickly completed and I returned home with the K9 AirRam, which I have been using ever since without any issues at all. It does everything it says and more.

Before upgrading, I was told by customer services that the K9 model was more robust to deal with heavier challenges and made with better, more durable parts. When I got it home and unboxed it, it was much more than the sum of its parts. It looked meaner, it cleaned even better (something I did not think was possible), and it has a light on the front. I was delighted with upgrading to the K9 model.

A month or so later, Gtech released the K9 version of their MULTI cleaner, and once again we asked customer service if we could arrange an upgrade. To our amazement, they provided the new one with no fuss whatsoever. I felt a bit shocked that in all the time I’ve been a customer of various places the customer service has never been to this very high standard.

Our final experience with customers services came in the form of an unexpected fault. After perfect performance from our cleaners, the Gtech MULTI had developed a problem with the on/off switch.

We called customer services, as was informed that it was a fault they knew about, and had prepared a replacement switch with fitting instructions that they would supply within a few days. After a few days had passed and no parts had arrived, we called customer services to get an update as to when we could expect the parts.

Customer services apologised about the fact we had not had our expected delivery and we were informed that the parts were out of stock, and would be expecting the parts in a few weeks.

This was disappointing as we use the vacuums daily, and wondered how we would manage waiting weeks for the required parts. Once again, customer services exceeded our expecations, and again apologised for the delay, but would send out a complete replacement unit by post, and collect our old faulty Gtech MULTI.

Once again, we were delighted with this response and received our replacement unit just a few days later, where the old faulty unit was collected by the courier delivering our new unit. We have been enjoying using it ever since.

Not only have we enjoyed using these cleaners and being surprised on how good they actually are, but the customer service experience has been out of this world.

My Favourite Features

Apart from the standard features being, easy to use, very light, manavourable and long run time, I thought I would highlight the features that really make me smile.

Scented Tabs – it both cleans the surfaces with little effort and fills the air with a lovely aroma.

AirRam dirt collector – never again do I have to touch the dirt collected by my vacuum.

Light the way – as you clean. It makes it easy to see the dirt and dust under hard to reach areas.

I challenge anyone to beat the customer service offered by Gtech, who have a real understanding of the market and produce outstanding problem-solving and inovative solutions to technology we rely on daily.

To all at Gtech, we offer our thanks for creating these outstanding products, and making us feel like we are your number 1 customer. It’s a real credit to everytone in the team and look forward to my next Gtech purchase.

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