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Infographic: Is it Really so Difficult to Come up With Unique Female Superheros?

Infographic: Is it Really so Difficult to Come up With Unique Female Superheros?

I was recently sent this great infographic that appears on, which shows that female superheroes even today still conform to various “stereotypes”. The full blog post is here –


Sadly but unsurprisingly, the creator of the infographic found that most were introduced as damsels in distress, as romantic love interests or simply to copyright a name. It also gives a really interesting overview of how current female superheroes came into existence and how important it is to have more stand-alone female superheroes:

What do you think about female superhero characters today? Do they still confirm to old-fashioned views of women or do you think they are good role models? Leave your comments below or join the debate on our social media channels.

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