Many of us are finding it very hard to keep motivated when it comes to keeping fit during the global coronavirus pandemic. Gyms have been forced to close, with some not opening their doors again once the government restrictions were lifted. Although we have the best of intentions to exercise at home, trying to do so often in small and cramped spaces can be difficult, especially if you have lots of equipment that you work out with.

This is where a shipping container gym can come in.

The Rise of the Shipping Container Gym

The use of shipping containers as a gym is not new, prior to the pandemic these were popping up all over the UK. They are strong, sturdy and have great benefits as a gym such as:

  • Security – once a shipping container gym is positioned in your garden, it is often very secure.
  • Private – shipping containers give you a degree of privacy that you wouldn’t ordinarily get in a regular gym.
  • Equipment is always available – whereas at the gym you sometimes must wait to use your favourite machine, the equipment in your shipping container gym is always available.
  • No monthly subscription – once you have outlaid the initial cost of the container and equipment, there are no monthly subscription fees or additional costs for a shipping container gym.
  • Adaptability – a shipping container gym is fully customisable and can be adapted to your exercise needs accordingly.

An all-in-one Solution for Your Home Gym

With shipping containers being very strong and secure, they are ideal for keeping all types of gym equipment in one place such as treadmills, cross-trainers, bikes, and weights. What’s more, you can have a container between 8ft and 40ft depending on the space you have available.  

Racks can often be included on the insider of the container to allow more room for you to work out.
You can also have unfolding training stations, or fit bars to the outside of the container to ensure your equipment is secure.

If you’re looking for a solution to keep up your fitness regime during the pandemic, a shipping container gym from Gap Containers is fully customisable and the perfect solution.