Vehicle crime can often be rife, particularly in city areas like London. Despite lockdown restrictions for most of 2020 there were some areas in the UK which still saw an increase in vehicle related crimes. In Surrey for example the number of incidents increased from 1,786 in 2019 to 2,056 in 2020, which is a 15% increase. Another area, still hard hit, was Bedfordshire, which only saw a minor 6% decrease in vehicle crimes for all of 2020. This suggests that these sort of crimes are still occuring fairly regularly or are actually steadily increasing. 

Source- Cycling Weekly

With more people wanting to improve their fitness levels during the pandemic there has been a surge in the use of bicycles on the roads. But unfortunately this also brings along with it an increased risk of theft. Vehicles like bicycles, scooters and electric mopeds are more at risk of being stolen due to their relatively lightweight frame and portability. Which certainly makes this easier to steal compared to a car. 

The best ways to ensure the protection of your vehicle is to secure it with a grip lock, chain and cover. If it’s hidden away under a cover it might not make it instantly stand out to a potential thief, which could make it less desirable to steal. These measures combined together would make this more difficult for a thief to make a quick getaway with your property.