When we think of a modern office, we think of a fully windowed room, high up a skyscraper with white furniture and a top of the range computer on the desk. However, a lot of us can’t afford this setup, and we make do with a corner of our living room or the spare room in our house to get our work done.

But could you do with some renovations to open up the space a little more? Maybe include some more light to make work easier to get on with? Just pop some useful clutter around to make sure you have everything you need within arms reach? If it sounds like a good project for the beginning of the summer, here’s a couple of tips to start with.

Maybe Find a New Space?

Sometimes the best idea is to actually just move your entire office to another section of your house, one that’s quieter or easier to settle down in, or maybe one that has more room for all your box files and spreading space. Or maybe you want something compact to keep your work life from taking over the feel of your home; either way, scout out all of the office areas in your house and get a feel for each of them.

Letting More Light In

Natural light is the best thing you can have around you when it comes to getting some work done, as it makes your brain more productive and plenty of happy hormones are produced even with a couple of sun rays outside. So you’re definitely going to need to open up your home office space a little more in order to improve the work you do and how long it’s going to be comfortable to sit in your desk chair.

It would be a good idea to start with your windows themselves, as replacing them or even getting them professionally cleaned is going to improve the look and feel of your home office dramatically. Try looking at some of the products at residence 9 windows if you think this is a good option for you; you’re going to feel more professional in your space, and your brain is going to thank you for it!

Be Near Sockets

If your would be home office space doesn’t have any power sockets nearby for you to plug your computer in at least, it’s not a very functional space for you to use. Sure you could buy extension cables, but do you really want them being draped all over the house and thus easy to trip over? Imagine you’re in the middle of writing up the minutes from a meeting and your partner accidentally rips the cable out because they weren’t looking where they were going!

Your office can be just as functional at home as it is in a more professional space, as long as you put the thought and effort into it. Try thinking about it now and get to designing, it’s your choice!

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