The office is the hub of your business. It’s where you and your employees go about your daily tasks; where ideas are created, shaped, and eventually implemented. Without a functioning office, it’s difficult to have a functioning business.

It is therefore imperative that you, as a savvy and forward-thinking business owner, take the time to formulate the very best office that you possibly can. Below, you’ll find a guide to five different components that every office needs so as to function at the very height of productivity:

#1 – Greenery

There are two benefits to having plants in your office:

  1. The space will look more pleasant and attractive if there is an abundance of greenery
  2. The air quality of your office will be improved, especially if you encourage the use of certain types of plants.

So with benefits for aesthetics and for health, it’s clear that greenery is an essential for any modern office.

#2 – Comfortable furniture

You and your employees deserve comfortable, attractive, and easy-to-use office furniture. The office is, after all, something of a home away from home. You’re going to be spending eight hours in this space every day, so investing in the furniture is a decision you’re never going to regret. Look for furniture that looks good, but is also practical to use— for example, the more storage, the better. is a great source of comfortable furniture for your office.

#3 – A water cooler

While water coolers have a reputation for being the scene for all the office gossip, they also have a basic function that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s actually in your interests to ensure that your employees are all hydrated during their work day. The reason for this is simple human biology: dehydration can cause impaired performance and sluggishness, so install a water cooler and encourage your employees to use it often!

#4 – USB charging sockets

Slowly but surely, conventional sockets are becoming a thing of the past. It seems as if everything in the modern world now charges via USB. Using USB socket connectors can be rather cumbersome for an office, so opt to install direct USB ports that connect to the main wiring. This ensures that all USB-chargeable devices can be plugged in quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about finding the right adaptor socket for the job.

#5 – Partitions and divisions in the work space

Modern offices don’t allow for divisions. The walls and cubicles have been torn down in favour of the more aesthetically-pleasing open-plan arrangement, but this kind of office layout is actually rather impractical. An entirely open-plan office offers employees absolutely no privacy, makes it difficult to have phone conversations, and can increase the risk of employee distractions. Open-plan layouts should, therefore, be limited; it’s always best to incorporate at least some physical divisions.

In conclusion

If you ensure that your office implements these five key aspects of modern, forward-thinking office design, then you can be confident of a work environment that boosts you, your employees, and ultimately your business profits.

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