It’s important to look out for signs of health problems in your dog. By spotting the signs early, you can get treatment early before the problem gets serious. Below are just some of the most common health problems to look out for in dogs. 

Fleas and ticks

Dogs can pick up various parasites including fleas and ticks that love to make a home in your dog’s fur. You can usually spot fleas because your dog won’t be able to stop scratching themselves. If you don’t treat fleas and ticks, they can breed, and your dog will get weak (as well as possibly developing infections). Fleas could also spread to other pets in your home such as cats and rabbits. To get rid of fleas, try a non toxic flea treatment for cats and dogs. You can buy these products online or at a pet store.

Ear infections

Ear infections are common in dogs with floppy ears and make up 20% of all veterinary visits. An infection could be caused by a foreign object such as grass seed or a parasite. If you notice your dog frantically scratching its ear or shaking its head, it likely has an ear infection. By seeking veterinary treatment early, you can stop this infection from getting worse and spreading.

Dental issues

Like humans, dogs can develop a range of dental issues. Unusual chewing habits or a reduced appetite could be a sign that your dog has a dental issue. It’s worth going to the vets as soon as possible to treat the problem. Dental issues can be avoided by brushing your dog’s teeth and using dental chew toys to help get rid of plaque. 


Many dogs get arthritis at an older age. This is when cartilage in the knees or hips wears away causing joints to rub painfully. You’ll usually notice arthritis because your dog may start limping or refusing to go on long walks. There is no easy cure for arthritis – however a vet may be able to conduct surgery or offer medication to reduce the pain. 


Cataracts causes the lens of the eye to become hard and cloudy, which can lead to blindness. It is another health condition that is common in dogs later in life. If caught earlier, cataracts can be easily removed through surgery. You can notice cataracts by looking at your dog’s eyes and checking for any signs of changes (your dog may also develop a habit of walking into things, which could be a sign that they’re losing their vision). 

Kennel cough

This contagious cough is usually spread through other dogs in kennels. Your dog is likely to display high pitched coughing and retching when suffering from this cough. Kennel cough can be easily treated with medication.


Vomiting and diarrhea can be signs of stomach problems. This could be due to an infection or it could be due to something they’ve eaten. If these problems persist for more than a day, it’s worth seeing a vet. Medication or surgery can be used to treat this problem – depending on the severity.