Reporters Catherine Phillips and Ian Craig have reflected on their childhoods growing up in Worcester in the 1990s.

Do you remember Fridays spent at Perdiswell roller disco, sitting aboard a carnival float or clambering across the inflatables at Sansome Walk Swimming Pool?

Enjoy a trip down memory lane and share your memories of growing up in the city in the 1990s

1) Going to Costa del Gheluvelt Park in the summer holidays to top up your tan beside the children’s swimming pool (where the Splashpad is now). God knows what was floating in the pool’s water by the end of the summer though…

2) Feeling like a grown up because you were off to nappy nights at Tramps on a Monday evening and all lining up to do Whigfield’s Saturday Night

3) Showing off your cool moves when it was the “Speed skaters only” section at the Perdiswell roller disco on Friday nights

4) Hanging about outside HMV or by the Elgar Statue because you were just too cool

5) Buying the latest Boyzone single from the now defunct Woolworths or Our Price on the High Street or the latest offering from Suede at Magpie Records in Reindeer Court.

6) Appearing aboard a float in the Worcester Carnival with your youth centre or dance group and having 2ps launched at your head

7) The glorious day The Chuckle Brothers was filmed in Worcester – almost topped by the day Mr Motivator was filming at Perdiswell Sports Centre

8) Feeling angered when someone was sitting in “your” section of McDonald’s on Saturday afternoon

9) Raiding Miss Selfridge (where Burton is based now) for the latest outfit to make you look like your favourite Spice Girl and buying peace symbol necklaces, John Lennon sunglasses and badges for your floppy velvet hat from Bow Bangles

10) Bugging your parents to take you to the King George V playing fields in Brickfields the moment it snowed (after a morning spent listening to the radio, keeping your fingers crossed that your school was closed)

11) Pushing your way to the front of the crowd to see Peter Andre, Northern Lights or Paul Nicholls at The Northwick

12) Most children at some point had a birthday party at Poppins

13) Worcester City Football Club matches being within walking distance because they were based in St George’s Lane

14) Going to The Void (in Crown Passage above Lloyd’s Bar) for rock night and still desperately trying to clean the ‘X’ off your hand three days later

15) Feeling like some kind of international ambassador as you proudly showed a foreign exchange student around Gheluvelt Park and Pitchcroft.

16) The day The Animal Man came into school was the best day of the year EVER

17) Never feeling more grown up than when you were finally allowed to go to the funfair on Pitchcroft on your own

18) Seeing literally everyone from school – including the teachers – at the Pitchcroft fireworks

19) A friend moving to the mysterious new part of Worcester – Warndon Villages

20) Having to get up at what felt like the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning for your swimming lesson at Sansome Walk and finally plucking up the courage to jump off the top board

21) The excitement when Topshop was officially opened by pop band World’s Apart (WHO?!)

22) Feeling all international because your mum had taken you for lunch at The Swiss Cafe (in the basement where Gregg’s is now) or Sawyer’s American Diner (now Hylton RoadMcDonald’s)

23) When they brought out the giant floats and inflatables at Sansome Walk swimming pool was the best day of the summer holidays

24) Trying to go through all the play equipment at Nunnery Wood park without touching the ground. If you failed you had to go back to the beginning.

25) Going for a walk in Worcester Woods and feeling like you were as far from civilisation as it was possible to get

26) Bravely jumping up and down on the newly-built Sabrina Bridge to make it wobble or visiting the swish new shopping centre Crowngate

27) Experiencing vertigo when you climbed the stairs in the old Screen One at Odeon cinema

28) Having a growth spurt and your mum taking you to C&A, B Wise and Littlewoods

29) Being able to proudly tell people you are from “Worcester – where the sauce is made” while abroad

30) Taking your old Point Horror books to the Paperback Exchange and hoping the owner would offer you enough money for them to buy a new one

31) Before mobile phones, arranging to meet friends at Woolies photo booth and panicking they wouldn’t show up if they were ten minutes late

32) Rushing to a newsagents to buy Worcester Evening News if the newspaper’s photographer had taken your picture at school