I don’t normally pay any attention to the Christmas idents on BBC-1, but this one….well….it makes me cry every time I see it…

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Dad and how much my Dad means to me, and this sums up our relationship perfectly for how close we are:

I should point out that unlike this video, which has been made to reflect the modern world of a Dad who is a single parent and working to provide for his daughter, therefore missing some of the key events in her life, my Dad has never put his work before me – he even went on the night shift at work to be there for me and have more time with me as he could sleep during the day when I was at school.

The main thing in this video that sums up the relationship I have with my Dad is the bit when the curtains open and she sees her Dad, she is nervous and forgets her dance moves so he stands up and starts them with her, and off she goes because her Dad gives her confidence and believes in her, just like my Dad does with me. And that little courtesy they do to each other is priceless….it just melts my heart.

There is NOTHING on earth like the relationship between a Dad and his daughter…I can’t believe BBC-1 has summed up my relationship with my Dad with me so perfectly in this video…a Dad who has always been there for me, who has sat through and suffered god knows what like poetry readings and business events just because I was taking part in them, a Dad who just by being there gives me confidence and who believes in me, and a Dad who loves me unconditionally no matter what.

I love my Dad so very much xxxxx