As many of you who read this blog knows, I am a huge fan and lover of Costa Coffee. Not a week goes by without me and my Dad heading to our local Costa Coffee for an espresso (my Dad) and a skinny small cappuccino with vanilla, or salted caramel when it is Christmas (me).

Our photos on Facebook are almost legendary where we take a selfie of us holding our Costa Coffee cups and put a caption on the uploaded photo along the lines of “Guess where” or “We have lost our way, remind us where we are” even though the Costa logo is emblazoned across our cups!

The Costa of choice that my Dad and I have been going to up until recently was the Costa in St Martin’s Quarter. It is near to the Asda in Worcester City Centre which meant that we could park in the Asda car park, do any shopping we needed to do and I could go into town if I needed to.  We also got to know the manager of the Costa well, Dawn Link-Brown, who has become a great friend. It is Dawn’s bubbly personality, chatty demeanor and fun-loving energy that makes the atmosphere in the Costa so warm, welcoming and friendly.

Towards the end of last year Dawn let us know that she would be leaving the Costa at St Martin’s Quarter and moving to manage a new one over at the Malvern Retail Park. This was fantastic news for us, because it takes next to no time to drive over there, all the shops I need are in the retail park and Morrisons is close by for any food shopping. On top of that, the parking there is free – unlike at the Costa at St Martin’s Quarter. There you have to pay £2.00 for 2 hours but if you spend over £5.00 in the Asda store you can claim £2.00 off your shopping.

The new Costa at Malvern Retail park opened officially yesterday, but on Thursday we were treated to a sneak peek of it by Dawn and her new team. I absolutely love it, the décor is fresh, vibrant and comfortable with lots of sofa style chairs and comfy tables. I could easily work in there on their wi-fi if I had to, I even noticed lots of power points dotted around to plug in laptops and devices!

From now on my Dad and I will head over to this Costa as not only does it have the lovely Dawn managing it who makes our visits, but it is also closer to home, we don’t have to go through the traffic to get into town and all the shops I need are right next to this new Costa. I can foresee my Dad and I having lots of lovely Costa coffee’s there and spending lots of time putting the world to rights, as well as taking selfies of us with our drinks. It is rare to find a chain of a coffee shop that feels like an independent local one, but thanks to Dawn this is exactly what Costa is like whichever one she is in. She is one of Costa’s best managers, always on hand to chat and she always serves you with a smile. This is customer service as it should be – thank you Dawn!

My Ratings

Drinks and Food – 10

Ambience – 10

Service – 9

Value for money – 9

For more information visit call 01582 424200.