Luddite or not, everyone knows that there are plenty of automation technologies that can be used to making their business more successful. However, what they aren’t always aware of is exactly how this can happen. Luckily, that is precisely what this post is designed to cover for four of the most useful and popular business automation trends of 2019. Keep reading to discover more.

Automated marketing

Marketing is the cornerstone of any successful company, so it not surprising that there is emerging tech that is designed to make this much more manageable.

In fact, automated marketing across many platforms including email, social media, and even SEO. The idea behind it being that the correct message is still being delivered to the right demographic, but with less human effort involved. Something that can save your business money and time and so contribute to it being more successful over the long term.

Also, it is worth noting that with the advent of the newest trend in marketing which is personalization the combination of this and automation could ensure your business can run an incredibly effective marketing campaign with little human input at all. Something that can not only save money but also free up the folks on your marketing team so they can spend their time continually improving your overall strategy.

LMS & automated training

Next, if you want your business to be as successful as possible, you will need to invest in training your employees. After all, this is something that can help them be not only efficient and productive in the workplace but also feel integrated and experience job satisfaction as well. This being something that can ensure employees stay with your company for as long as possible, and so reduce your recruitment costs and any productivity breaks you may suffer when people leave.

Traditionally, though, training your entire workforce has been problematic because it means having to halt work, which affects productivity, as well as pay for outside trainers to come in and deliver relevant content.

Of course, tech has come up with a practical solution to these issues and its by using something like this ELMO lms software to automate the training process. This will then ensure each person gets exactly the training they need, not just when they start work at y our company about over their entire career with you as well. Something that can seriously reduce the administrative work that needs to be done by your learning department as well as makes the whole process much more efficient as well.

Digital invoices and accounts

What would your account department say if they no longer had to issue invoices manually, and chase them ad infinitum until they are paid? Probably “thank you,” as it’s a tedious and thankless job.

Of course, by digitizing and automating your invoices and accounts process, you can achieve this. Thus, saving time concerning processing, but also ensuring that your invoices are paid promptly too. Something that will keep your business’s cash flow moving, and help you to be as successful, and profitable as possible.

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