To run an efficient field sales team your staff are only as good as the software or CRM that you put in place for them. Having the right tools can vastly improve their sales pipelines, selling more of your products and services and of winning more business, especially if they are out on the road.

Companies are often slow to adopt new tools and technology for their sales teams, meaning that sales reps are often working on old or outdated software, hardware and systems or worse – working with old-fashioned pen and paper! With all the technology available and at the disposal of companies to help streamline their processes and make them more efficient, now has never been a better time to look at new software solutions to enable sales teams to be more effective while out in the field.

How much time do sales reps actually spend on the road?

Research suggests that field sales reps spend about 20% of their week on the road – some of them even more. That’s at least one day a week spent driving, so making time on the road as productive as possible and fully contributable to sales success is crucial.

Often only the time spent in conversation with customers or clients is considered important to a sale, and what happens when out on the road before or in between customer or client visits can have a huge impact. For example, how does getting lost or coming across a road closure on the way to a customer affect the conversations you have with them?  If you have the right tools at your disposal they can make all the difference to the success of your field based sales team.

This is where field sales management software app Skynamo comes in.

This user-friendly mobile sales app is a complete sales solution for companies and organisations that have teams of sales reps selling products to existing customer bases out in the field. It also provides analytics and insights to Sales Managers to help them track the performance of their field based sales team.

What makes Skynamo unique is the fact that it runs as an app that has been designed for mobile devices and tablets first and foremost, meaning that sales reps can update their team and Sales Managers wherever they are.  Also, with many sales reps operating their offices from the field as they travel, the app is the perfect companion that integrates fully with other software tools such as Sage, Quickbooks and Xero.

With a recent survey with over 250 field sales reps showing that they spend an average of 7 hours a week on admin, Skynamo helps decrease the time they spend on this by automating call reports and gives sales teams the ability to place orders at a customer’s site instead of waiting to get back to the office or home.

Final thoughts

By enabling your entire sales team including field sales reps, internal sales staff as well as management the whole organisation can work together seamlessly to contribute to the success of the company. Skynamo helps to create a transparent and collaborative environment, giving your entire team access to customer information.

Book a demo of Skynamo and see the difference it can make to your sales teams.