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Outside Of The Box Ways To Find Your Dream Job

Outside Of The Box Ways To Find Your Dream Job

If you are…

  1. a) In a job you hate and looking for something more suited to you; or

  2. b) Stuck in an unemployment rut and struggling to find the job you want

Then you may need to think outside of the box when looking for employment. This is particularly true when the traditional methods of finding work aren’t producing the goods for you. It’s time to get a little bit creative in your job hunting. Consider the following as examples.

  • Show prospective employers that you mean business. This means speaking and dressing professionally, even when you’re knocking on doors and handing your CV around. Wearing a suit will improve your mental attitude and can give you a sense of confidence when you’re speaking to others, whether that’s at a reception desk, job fair, or even while you’re scouting for work on the phone. By being proactive in a professional manner, your confidence may impress the employer.

  • Broaden your job search. Look at your skill set and consider the many jobs available for your talents, rather than focusing on the obvious. So, if you are looking for jobs to match your skills with finance, as an example, look beyond accountancy jobs and consider signing up with Portfolio Credit Control for a different kind of role. If you have an interest in writing, you can go beyond copywriting posts and consider proofreading as another avenue that may match your skills.

  • Go beyond job sites. While sites such as Indeed and Reed are invaluable for finding work, you have to remember that potentially thousands of other people are using those sites. So, look directly at companies you are interested in, and check their website for job openings, or preempt a job posting by writing to them with your CV if they employ people with your particular set of skills. Check on social media as well. LinkedIn is particularly good in this regard, with the opportunity to connect and network with potential employers, as well as having a job search functionality to widen your prospects.

  • Don’t rely on one C.V. The one size fits all mentality does not extend to job searching. You need multiple C.V’s, tailoring each one to the different types of jobs you are applying for. When you have found something that interests you, go through the job description carefully, and amend your c.v accordingly to better fit the requirements being asked of you.

  • Check Craigslist. Not only a great source for picking up a bargain, Craigslist is also an underrated place to find work. Quite often, smaller companies and startups will advertise on here as its cheaper than posting on some of the bigger name job sites. With less people applying for some of those posts, you stand a greater chance of success when applying for job roles.

  • Advertise yourself. Instead of waiting for a job posting, advertise yourself to prospective employees. We aren’t telling you to stand outside of a company with an ‘I’m looking for work’ sign, but the principle remains the same if you do this on social media with a Facebook ad or creating a profile on LinkedIn. You can also sign up to specific websites where employers look for a particular skill, such as Upwork for those people who have writing and proofreading skills. Research online and find the best places to market your set of skills.

When looking for work, it’s important to widen your search net as far as possible. So, as well as treading the traditional path, use some of the less-typical methods we have mentioned here. I wish you every success!

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Lisa Ventura (AKA ‘Cyber Geek Girl’) is a Content Marketer, PR, Digital and Cyber Security professional, and is an active blogger and influencer.



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