Every good business owner knows that technology is a central part of their company. Without the latest tech, your employees won’t be as productive and you won’t be able to offer the same customer experience that your competitors do. That’s why it’s so important to fit out your office with the latest tech when you first start out. But what people often forget about is updating that tech. Computers become obsolete very quickly these days as technology moves on so quickly.  The computers that you bought a couple of years ago are nothing compared to the ones on the market right now. Your competitors will be keeping their computer hardware updated so you need to as well. Follow these tips to make sure that it all runs smoothly.

Laptop Or Desktop?

A lot of offices are fitted out with desktop computers but that isn’t always the best choice. There are some upsides to using a desktop computer in the office; you can usually get more for your money than you would if you were buying a laptop so you won’t be spending as much money. However, the way that people work is changing and people are becoming more flexible. Collaborating with others and moving around the office is more commonplace, as is working at home outside of work hours or even working remotely during the work day. If your company is trying to adopt these new working practices, a desktop computer that shackles your employees to a single desk isn’t the best way to go. You’re much better off buying laptops so they’ve got more freedom to work in a way that is best for them. It’ll make life easier for your staff and they’ll be a lot more productive.


The first thing to do when you buy any electrical appliance is to make sure that it’s safe. If you haven’t had them PAT tested by a professional company like T&S Lux Electrical, you’re breaking the law by letting employees use them. Before you do anything else, have them checked over so everybody can use them safely. Buying laptops instead of desktop computers also helps with safety because there are fewer cables for people to trip over.

As well as physical safety, you need to consider the safety and security of the company. Everybody is aware of the dangers of cyber-security and you should have protections in place already. However, when you update the computers in the office, you need to update your online security measures at the same time, otherwise, you could leave yourself vulnerable to attack.


Computers are an amazing tool that can help your employees to be far more productive, but only if they know how to use them properly. That’s why it’s important that you give them proper training. Part of that training should be helping them to understand exactly why you’re upgrading your computer systems and how they should be benefiting from it. If they aren’t taking advantage of the improved equipment, there’s no point doing it in the first place.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to upgrade your computer systems in the office without any problems.

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