If you’re feeling a little left behind and want more knowledge about technology, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. There is a mountain of information, there are so many things to learn, and whether you want to know how to code, learn about Blockchain, or have the ability to edit images, you can learn, and you can help yourself to do so and here’s how:

Be Curious

Being curious is an essential part of successful self-learning. It is your curiosity which drives you to consume and digest information continually. Try to spend at least one hour per day digesting new content and always look for more things that you could read and learn. If something doesn’t make sense to you, then find out what it is. 

Make the Time

Of course, you’re busy, but if you want to learn, then you have to make the time. There’s no point making up any excuses of why you can’t learn, and you’ll find that the more you do, the more can do. If you have to get up earlier each day or go to bed earlier to do extra reading, then do it. 

You can find online courses that are both free and paid. Even the paid versions will generally be much cheaper than a college course, and you can learn at your own pace. Then there are other Internet Sources you can use to get the knowledge you want online, often for free, if you want to learn about Blockchain then check out Andrew Chambi, if you want a how-to on photoshop then head over to Youtube which has millions of searchable how-to videos, including a wide variety of learning various computer skills. If you’re interested in learning about specific software, you may find demo or trial versions that you can explore for free. There are also some free open source alternatives that provide access to knowledge bases and user forums. Make a list of resources where you can get answers. Microsoft, for instance, has extensive knowledge bases online in support of both current and former versions of their products.

Have an open mind

It is critical to have an open mind, change your thinking from “I can’t do that” to “I’ll figure out a way to make that happen.” Instead of telling yourself why you can’t do it, tell yourself you might not be able to do it yet, but you’re willing to pay the price. Take courses, hire professionals, read books, watch educational videos, and do whatever is necessary to learn new skills that help you.


You’ve got to be able to focus so shut off your social media, let your phone calls go to voice mail, and pour yourself into the task at hand. This is part of paying the price, and it is worth it.


Finally, practice, practice and practice. You would do it if you wanted to learn an instrument, so do the same with tech. You will get there if you put in the time and the effort and you just keep on going.