So much of what we do these days is done using a computer, from work to hobbies and everything in between. And speaking of hobbies, there are loads of fun, accessible ways to spend your time productively using a computer from Fierce PC. Here are a few ideas. 

Making music

There are tons of great music creation programs on the market these days that enable you to get really creative and make all kinds of tracks and pieces of music. Maybe you’re a keen singer and want to create your own background music, or perhaps you’re keen to make music that other creators can use in things like Youtube videos and marketing ads. If you want to make a career out of music, you could even have a company like Pure Music Manufacturing create professional CDs of your tracks so you can send them off to record companies.

Graphic design

Programs like Photoshop are excellent, they’re industry professional tools but are available for anyone to buy. If you’re an artist or a photographer then you might have played around with this program before, but along with Adobe Illustrator you can create some incredible pieces of design in their own right. Maybe you want to be able to design your own graphics and logos for your businesss or perhaps you want to create fun prints and designs for your home. You might even want to set up an Etsy shop and sell what you make and create custom pieces to order. 


Writing is good for the soul, it allows you to express yourself and be creative. There are lots of ways you can write online, from blogging to publishing short stories or even a novel. You could write articles for a company (either voluntary or paid) or you could participate in poetry competitions. Whether you want to write for an audience or just for yourself, using the computer is quick and efficient, typing tends to be faster than handwriting and much easier to edit. If you want to share your work you can do so directly. You can write from just about anywhere making it a fantastic computer based hobby to have. 


Understanding how computers work is important this day in age, and learning how to essentially ‘speak their language’ is one way to go about it. There are lots of coding for fun type softwares that allow you to practice and learn, and from there you can take on all kinds of projects from games to apps. Coding is a great skill to put on your CV as it’s something that lots of employers want, so your hobby could well end up securing you a better job in the future. Accordingly, you can learn more about the benefits of a career in coding by taking a look at this Modesto coding program and other similar online resources. It can seem quite complicated and daunting at first, but start from the beginning and grasp the basics and from there you can work your way up.