Everybody’s favourite season is here and it’s time to start enjoying the outdoors again. While the idea of trekking far into the woods and sleeping under the stars may seem appealing, a camping trip can quickly become unpleasant if you’re unprepared – and, even worse, if your fellow campers are unprepared.

Use this article as a quick guide to how you can master any camping trip under any weather conditions and ensure you have the necessities for your trip regardless of how many mosquitos you meet on your way. You’ll be one with the forest, in other words.

Pack everything into plastic bags

The first rule of camping is, of course, to be prepared for rain. A rainy trip can actually be really cosy as long as you don’t have to worry about your clothes floating away. Prevent this by simply packing everything into plastic bags before putting it into your bag and you’ll be able to welcome the rain, enjoy its light taps on your tent, and even appreciate the fresh scents of a wet forest.

Choose your camping site wisely

While we’re on the topic of rain; the camping site you pick will have a lot to say about whether the rain flushes your tent away or not. Find a spot that is away from the main traffic of the camping site, such as the washing area, and make sure it’s not on a slope. Privacy and even terrain are keywords when finding the perfect spot to camp on – unless you don’t mind greeting every fellow campers and their dogs each minute, that is.  

Bring entertainment

One of the worst things about camping, particularly if you bring your kids along, is to be bored and have absolutely nothing to do. It’s a good idea to take the weather into account and remember that you might be stuck in the tent for a while together; pack a deck of cards, books, and other games to keep yourself entertained.

Also, in case the weather is actually sunny, you should bring your bicycles as well and head off on a cycle trip when you get tired of sitting around on the camping site. Just remember to find a good cycle insurance first, such as Velosure, to rid yourself of any worries.

Pack an emergency kit

If you tend to forget about things while packing or just worry about forgetting something important, you may want to calm yourself down by bringing an emergency kit. Put everything important in this one and you’ll never have to worry about it again, such as duct-tape, bandages, flashlight, matches, extra socks, toilet paper, etc. It’s going to take a lot off your mind.

Camping seems like such an easy idea, yet we tend to forget how harsh the elements can be – and how dreadfully boring it can be without anything to entertain ourselves with. You might never need that extra plastic bag or the roll of duct-tape but if you do, you’ll be very glad it’s packed.

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Image via: Pexels