Rope often doesn’t get considered it comes to crafting, which is shame as it is so versatile. The ways you can use it are endless and the finished articles produced with it can make amazing Christmas gifts.

When many are trying to stretch the pennies this festive season due to the coronavirus pandemic, using rope to make your own gifts not only provides a personal touch to them, but it can save you money. Below are 5 genius ways that you can craft with rope to make Christmas gifts that have the wow factor:

Make a rug out of rope

A knotted rug is surprisingly easy to make out of rope, and contrary to popular belief it isn’t too difficult to achieve. There are plenty of step by step instructions for making your own rug out of rope to be found online, as well as being able to purchase everything for your rope crafting needs from Ropes Direct.

Make a hamper basket out of rope

A Christmas hamper containing lots of festive treats and goodies is the perfect Christmas gift. Making your own hamper basket adds that bit of an extra special touch, and these are surprisingly easy to put together.

Make a Christmas themed doorstop out of rope

Doorstops are very popular gifts and when purchased from a shop they can be very expensive. Make one for a fraction of the cost out of rope and theme it with a sign that says “Santa stop here” to provide that extra bit of Christmas cheer.

Make placemats and coasters out of rope

The way to make placemats and coasters is very similar to making rugs. If you tie some Christmas themed ribbon around a set of four placements and matching coasters, this makes a wonderful homemade Christmas gift for a family member that is sure to impress.

Make Christmas themed jewellery out of rope

While rope doesn’t immediately come to mind when it comes to making jewellery, there are plenty of options to choose from. Bracelets, anklets necklaces and earrings are all easy to make using rope and provide a personalised gift for that someone special.

What other items have you made out of rope? Please leave a comment below!