Earlier in the year, Apple announced their new lineup of top-end smartphones, including the successor to last years X, the Xs. This cool piece of tech built on what was already a popular phone, and made it even better. Today, we’re looking at some of the must-have accessories that you need to accompany this phone.

2 in 1 adapter

One of the most bizarre decisions from tech companies is this obsession with removing the headphone jack in phones. With the iPhone Xs, you need to plug in a pair of headphones with the lightning cable attachment if you want to listen to music. This is fine, apart from when you need to charge your phone while listening to music. Now, you can’t do both at the same time! Unless you get a 2 in 1 adapter that plugs into the lightning port and provides you with a headphone jack and lightning port. Just like that, you can listen to tunes while charging your phone at the same time.

Phone case

When you spend over a thousand pounds on anything, you need to make sure it remains protected. The only downside of the gorgeous Xs phone design is that the back is prone to smashing or cracking when dropped. So, a phone case is essential to help prevent this from happening. Most people avoid cases as they can be bulky and ugly. However, there are places like KK Designs where you can get custom designs that actually make your phone look better. Plus, what’s more important; a phone that doesn’t smash and cost loads to repair after you drop it once, or a phone that looks good without a case?

Screen Protector

Along with your protective case, you also need a screen protector. You can get ones that are made out of tempered glass and add an extra layer of protection on top of your screen. Trust me when I say, these things are lifesavers. If you drop your phone face down, the screen protector might crack, but the actual screen itself remains perfectly intact. It can save an absolute fortune on iPhone screen repairs, and it’s a must for anyone with an Xs. You can find a wide selection of these and other accessories at Mobile Mob.

Portable charger

The battery life in the iPhone Xs has come on leaps and bounds. With that being said, everyone is guilty of overusing their phones! When you have one as cool as this, you’re going to be on it a fair bit. As a result, you’ll be in situations when you need to charge your phone but don’t have a plug socket nearby. So, makes sure you have a portable charger to juice up your phone whenever you’re in desperate need of some extra battery percentage.

Having all four of these accessories will enhance the experience you have with your new iPhone. They just make it easier for you to use, while also ensuring it remains protected from your clumsiness! Even if you don’t have this new phone, all the accessories can be found for other iPhone models as well.

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