A lot of posts talk about surviving a road trip with your family, but they don’t include one crucial family member – the dog. How do you survive a road trip with your dog? The idea of going on a road trip with your dog can be incredibly exciting, but you need to do everything you possibly can to keep them safe and comfortable. This is a great time to spend some quality time together, and if you do it right, you’ll both do more than survive – your relationship will thrive! Read on for some tips and things you should know. 

Keeping Your Dogs Safe In The Car

Firstly, your dog should be used to car rides before you hop in and take them on a longer journey. Taking them on short rides to get them used to the car should really be the first step you take. A ventilated pet carrier or crate could help to keep them still and comfortable, rather than trusting they will stay sitting/laying down. If you end up on bump roads or need to make a quick stop, this could be dangerous for them if they aren’t secured. It’s not like you can strap them in with your seatbelt! 

Another alternative is canine seat belts, but you’ll need to do some research to ensure the one you buy is tested and safe. You will still need to get them used to the sensation of being held in place, too. 

Having a reliable car like the New Jaguar Range can also be a big help. You don’t want your dog to feel cramped! 

Letting Your Dog Stretch

If your dog is still potty training then it might not be the best call to take them on a road trip. In general, you should stop at least once every few hours to let your dog stretch their legs. Older dogs and younger dogs will likely need the toilet more often. 

Do Your Research

Before you go, try to do some research on the rest stops that have areas specially for dogs. If your dog gets easily spooked, you’ll want to be very careful about where you take them. Traffic, wildlife, and large trucks could easily be a problem. 

What You Should Take With You

There are a few really helpful things you should take with you. A familiar toy or blanket can ease some of their anxiety, but you might also find that giving your dog CBD treats for dogs can help. A harness, identification, and proof of vaccinations may also be necessary. Don’t forget food and water for the journey, either! Treat releasing toys are great for helping your dog to settle into new places. 

Motion Sickness In Dogs

Yep, dogs get motion sick too! If you’ve noticed on some of your shorter practice trips that your dog gets motion sick, speak with your vet. They will help you with feeding plans and could give you anti-sickness medication for them. 

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